WWW Travel Writing 2014

Lucid Chart and Outline

Anxious viewers watching a student gliding down the thick green and orange rope, getting in position in order to land into Bintan Resort's salty pool safety.
Anxious viewers watching a student gliding down the thick green and orange rope, getting in position in order to land into Bintan Resort’s salty pool safety. Photo Credits 2014: Ms. McDermott

Ever want to feel like you’re flying? Well let me introduce you to the Flying Fox. This   is an exciting activity that challenges you to a different stage of fear that you probably have never personally experience before. Flying fox is located in Loola Resort and is like an upgraded version of the normal zip line you may have seen. Instead of just hanging until the people help you get down, you’re landing straight into the salty pool that’s been filled with ocean water. Although the water may seem cold, the heat from sensation of ziplining will surely warm you up. On the first look, you’ll freak out, but trust me, you do not want to miss this activity. Everyone who tried would agree that this is one nerve wracking activity. As I climbed up the ladder and looked down, it was pretty frightening. In my opinion the worst part was standing on that platform and telling myself its time to jump. The cold, windy air didn’t seem to help either. But when I finally did that leap of faith I couldn’t forget the experience. However, if you’re afraid of getting hurt, honestly don’t be. Take risk and challenge yourself. Because if you’re geared up and you have listened to the instructor carefully, all you’ll be worrying about is not being able to go twice.

“Love you mom and dad!” – David Huynh

“Kangajew!” – Dinh Anh Truong 

A student climbing up the ladder after jumping of a platform into the South China Sea, while his laughing friends are being saved by a net, waiting in line to try the Boom Net activity again.                                                                                                                             Photo Credits 2014: Ms. McDermott


     “AHHH!” The students scream lingered across the clear blue ocean surrounded by small islands. The Boom Net activity is something you do not want to miss out, because it made my friends and I real close. When I mean real close, I mean real close. Boom Net is when you’re jumping off a platform into the empty water, but don’t you worry, there’s a net that will catch you from being pulled away. The Boom Net activity has two level, which you’ll have to do level 1 on the deck before going to level 2, where all the fun happens. It’s located in the middle of the ocean, which you’ll be brought to by a smaller speedboat. They have picked a pretty good location for your safety because for sure you do not want to jump into rocks.  To be honest, the experience made me felt like a fish from being caught in the net, but in a good way. It was pretty entertaining watching everyone get stuck together in that net. As the boat stride across the ocean, all of us were being pushed against each other. Some of us were holding onto each other and the end of the nets, while some of us were being pulled away to the other side. What’s great about this activity is the unlimited turns, and you definitely would want to go as much as possible before the time is over.

“Rescue me, don’t save him!” Don’t leave me!” – J.S  Jeon

“Cannonball!” – Kyu Hwan Choi 


A group of enthusiastic SSIS students playing cards waiting in the Changi Airport for their plane ticket to travel back to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.             Photo Credits 2014: Dao Nguyen


Let me introduce you to Changi Airport. In my opinion it is one of the best airports in the world. It is located in the amazing and very well developed country of Singapore. After those five days of mentally challenging yourself, you can finally shop and discover the stunning airport with your friends. The scenery is indescribably stunning with all the trees, and air with not even a single speck of dust. The airport itself is pretty overwhelming to be honest, because I can’t make up my mind where to go first. It’s filled with shops that people can die for and the outrageously delicious aroma of food is unbeatable. I won’t be surprise if it were to be in the top ten airport around the world, because it’s clean, modern, and very spacious. In my opinion, it was a work out trying to get to wherever I wanted to go. So far, it has to be in one of my favorite places out of all the places I have been too. Students really enjoyed their time at the airport because we were all suffering from Bintan’s heat. Therefore it was a great way to relax, cool down and have fun. Singaporean citizens are quite lucky to have this heavenly airport. Enjoy and spend your time wisely here because by the end of everything, you will not want to leave one bit.


“I can just live here.” – Gia Hue Nhan 

  • “Oh my god!” – Soomi Ho 



Our Pains: A sonnet by Seo Yoon Choi & Dao Nguyen

Our freedom has been taken and destroyed,

they whipped and hit and spit and made us work.

They split us and made us their slaves and dogs,

we cried and cried until our eyes were dry.


All day all night we sat and stared up high,

Image by: Xomiele
Image by: Xomiele

and wondered when we would be a free man.

But that was just a dream that cannot be,

we snapped out of illusions and worked hard.


The shining sun blurred our eyes as we worked,

not wanting painful lashes hitting us.

The journey we have passed has made us strong,

but not as much to stand this pain in us.


As we stared at each others shredded backs,

we pondered why we had to be born black.


Edited by Ying Ying Chung and Lea Sylte



I thought I was late

Turns out I was just in time

Please be a good day.


Raft Building

The sunlight hits us

Hard work will lead to success

To a sturdy raft.


Dark Moon Rises

The moon is rising

Gossiping throughout the night

Killing the silence.





Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock



Saigon South International School should really expand it’s lunch time. From 12:15 to 1:50 isn’t a long time to eat and hang out with your friends afterwards. Walking down to the loud, clean, and bright cafeteria takes you a few minutes. Then we would have to make a choice on what to eat, since they serve us a lot of food, making eating time even shorter. Not to mention the time you have to line up for the lunch ladies to get your food, and waiting for your turn to pay. Not only does our cafeteria have a good amount of food, we have a good smoothie stand. However, the school won’t allow students to bring smoothies outside of the cafeteria. It feels like the school don’t trust us with them. Sometimes we can’t finish it in time before D.E.A.R starts.

The best part would be spending time with your friends and enjoying their company. But that would be taken away if our lunch time wouldn’t be longer. I find that students tends to rush their eating time to go to the gym, soccer field, library, or Dragon’s Dens. Where they can play ping pong or sit on the comfy sofas. Students won’t have time to digest all their food, and they’re already running and laughing outside. If I was the teacher, I would probably want my lunch time to be longer as well. More time to rest and get away from the talkative and hungry students. I always wonder why the school would only give us 35 minutes to eat, relax, and hang around with our friends. That is not enough time to create more fun memories in school. I’m pretty sure it’s not only me who feels like this, to look at the clock and wish the time would stop or at least slow down.

Image  by: Sheba_Also
Image by: Sheba_Also


Newton’s Vehicle Reflection


Our vehicle, the Newtons Vehicle 3000, was build out of a plastic water bottle, plastic cup, tape, a straw, wooden skewers, bottle cap, and a balloon. Our first design was to have two balloons but then we found out it was really uneven. First we thought having two balloon would give us more force and power to go further but it actually didn’t. If the right balloon was bigger than the left, the vehicle tends to curve the other way more. It was best to use one balloon.

Newton create three law of motion. Newton’s first law would be an object that stays at rest, will stay at rest until an unbalance force acts upon it. An object that is in motion, will stay at motion until an unbalance force acts upon it. This law was also call the Inertia. Newton’s second law would be the heavier the mass the accelerating object is, the more force will be needed. If the object’s mass was less, you’ll need less force to accelerate the object. Last but not least, Newton’s third law of motion would be for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means, that if a car pumps into the second car, the second car would be push back with the same about of force.

I think the winner in our class won because their vehicle is very efficient. The vehicle itself is very light and very small. The balloon they use was also very huge. That would help them travel in a longer distance. I notice that that one of the vehicle in our class, the vehicle itself is so small and the balloon was way too big. Even though the winners vehicle was like that, they had something to hold it onto, which is the string and the box of sand on the starting and finishing line.


Spring Rolls Recipe

There’s always this one dish my family eats. Since we do make a lot of it, we still think sharing food is a part of cooking. My family would always make some and bring it to the party were attending. It can be the whole family get together (aunt, uncle, cousin.), for my grandpas death anniversary,  or any other that is considered family. You could say that it’s a tradition my family does because I notice we would always bring it to special occasion. That one dish is my family’s recipe for Vietnamese spring rolls. Even though all family’s recipe is different, this is my family’s recipe.

Make 50



700g pork

50g mushroom

1 radish

3 eggs

Salt and pepper

Rice Paper




1) Add all your ingredients together and season to taste.

2) Mix well so that all the ingredients are combine.

3) Open up the packet of rice paper.

4)  If your rice paper is a bit hard, dab it with some water. Then fold about 1/4 way. Put on about 2 tbsp of the meat mixture in.

5) Fold the left side. Then fold the other side as well

6) Roll the meat outwards and put it onto a plant seam side down.

7) Poor in the oil about half way full.

8) When the oil is heated, add the spring rolls

9) Don’t  put the heat too high, because it can burn the outside but not cook on the inside.

10. When all side are golden brown, take it out and serve.

photo 2 (1)

Slavery Journal Audio


Dao Nguyen


Date: November 4, 2013


Topic: What was the Middle Passage?

Why was there a Middle Passage?

Dear Mr. Ball,

Hello, my name is Dao.I’m so sorry that you have to experience the things you don’t deserve to experience. At least 2 million people have died passing the Middle Passage. It’s the voyage where you go across the Atlantic ocean from the African coast. In your days, Europeans thought that was the only way that would be the safest and fastest. They thought the earth was flat and there just wasn’t any other route or way to get to the destination they wanted to go. This was like the “New World” to them and it was fascinating how slaves reacted to it. In the book Copper Sun,  Afi told Amari that the place they’re going to can lead to them falling off the ocean. I got a little shocked when Afi said that. This shows how much human knowledge and discovery really improve throughout a few hundred of years.

I can’t imagine the number of people who died crossing the Middle Passage. I have a lot of respect for you and the other slaves who was in the same situation as you because its not easy staying on that filthy boat for a month. Not being able to stand up, living in your own waste, the air being too cold or too hot, and dead people that haven’t been taken out yet. Not to mention, the space is so small, and so packed that you barely can stand or even sit properly. If I was in that type of situation, I would rather die, than to live as a slave for the rest of my life.

White men on that boat, would only give you a decent amount of food and water towards the end of the journey. Slave aren’t property! They’re not houses, cars, or phones. They’re human beings! I would feel like I’m disrespected because I was treated like a property that only needed to look good and strong for the auction. How white treat you and the other slaves is not something you would want others to do to you. Not to mention, white men has weird taste in music. I would really hate listening to the song they played for you and your buddies to dance  on deck.



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