Astronomy Project Reflection

For this project, we were given an opportunity to choose what we wanted to research on. I chose to research about stars because I wanted to know more about them and I was interested in stars. My open-ended question was “How do stars form?” because I was curious about the stars’ birth and death. I knew stars had different sizes, colors, and temperature, but by researching about star for this project, I’ve learned a lot of new things. I learned that stars were made of plasma. I also learned new vocabularies like luminosity, protostars, nova, and more. I never knew there were stages of life for stars too but now I know that there are several stages from when new stars arise to when stars collapse and explode and become a black hole. For exact information, I used websites from NASA and tried not to use “.com” websites. I think I did well in making them understand the stars’ life cycle and appearance. I need to improve on my presenting skills the most. For example, I have to work on speaking louder and not moving while I’m talking.

Want Kids to Become Scientists? Don’t Arrest Them For Experimenting By: Liz Dwyer

“Want Kids to Become Scientists? Don’t Arrest Them For Experimenting” by Liz Dwyer was this week’s article of the week. It is about a 16 year old girl who goes to Bartow High school named Kiera Wilmot getting arrested and expelled from school by doing an experiment because of curiosity. She experimented to find out what would happen if toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil was mixed together into a plastic bottle. The result was unexpected. It exploded, and as soon as the teachers knew, they called the police and she got arrested. The school expelled her from experimenting instead of encouraging her future in chemistry.

One part I didn’t understand was in the 4th paragraph where it said, “since Wilmot is black there’s another element at play”. By reading, “since Wilmot is black” I kind of get what it’s going talk about, but I don’t fully understand what “there’s another element at play” means. I think the writer meant that since Kiera is black, she gets blamed more than if a white student experience the same experiment Kiera did.

I think it’s too harsh to expel Kiera from school just because she did the experiment. Well, it was dangerous, people might have gotten hurt, and part of the school campus got damaged. However, I don’t agree putting Kiera into jail and expelling her from school. It’s science. There could be accidents while experimenting. I don’t think it’s her fault that the experiment exploded. If I was Kiera, I would be really sad before I think it’s unfair. Also, if I were the science teacher in Kiera’s school, I would be proud of Kiera, and stand up for her and say it’s not her fault.

Introduction Poem

I got my phone from my mom

after she got a new Samsung Galaxy Note

that still shines bright like a diamond


I download apps onto my phone

soon, I get addicted to games


or Social Medias such as Facebook and Twitter


My phone gets kidnapped by my mom,

locked in the dark and scary jail

shouting for help


I beg my mom to give me back my Apple

I beg for my wonderful rectangular smartphone

I tell her I won’t look into it all the time


Arab Spring

Recently, there was a revolution in Egypt called, “Arab Spring”. The “Arab Spring” revolution started in 2011 and was ended in 2012. The cause of this revolution was Hosni Mubarak, the 4th president of Egypt. He worked as a pilot officer from 1950 to 1972. Mubarak was also the commander of the Air Force and the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Defense. Then he became the vice president of Egypt under the 3rd president, Anwar al-Sadat. But after he became the president following Anwar al-Sadat, he stayed as the president for 30 years when he was supposed to be president for 4 years. Actually, he was supposed to be president for 8 years because he was re-elected in 1993.

As I said above, the cause of the “Arab Spring” revolution was Hosni Mubarak. Because he worked as the president of Egypt for 30 years, the citizens started having dissatisfaction from Mubarak. While working as the president of Egypt, instead of helping the country develop, he held back Egypt to develop, for example by decreasing the economic rise. The consequence for this cause of revolution was to have Mubarak go to jail. The current president which is also the 5th president of Egypt is Mohamed Morsi. His presidential term started on June 30th 2012.

I think it’s really unfair for the other president candidates. The reason is because if there were new presidents every 4 years, then there would have been 7 new presidents while Hosni Mubarak was president for 30 years. If all of the presidents each got re-elected once, then there would have been at least 3 presidents that retired until now. This makes me think of Mubarak as a very selfish person. Although I don’t know how many years he will be in jail or if he will be killed, but I hope he will understand what the Egyptian suffered because of him.

Inside Out and Back Again By: Thanhha Lai

In humanities class, we did a read aloud for a few days. We read a book called, Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai. Thanhha is an American children’s literature writer. She was born in 1965 in Vietnam. Inside Out and Back Again was her debut novel, which was published by HarperCollins in 2011. Although this book was her debut novel, it was awarded by some famous awards such as, the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature and one of the two Newbery Honors.

The main character of Inside Out and Back Again is Ha. Ha is a girl who was borned in Vietnam. She has to leave her home because of the war. This book is about Ha getting familiar with living in America. Ha and her family are forced to immigrate to America. Although Ha’s family gets homesick and get confused by the new land’s custom, they start to get used to the environment and start a new life in Alabama. In school, language and communication is a huge problem. She feels stupid in school because she doesn’t understand what the teacher is talking about. Because she looks different from everyone, she gets bullied. However, as the year goes on, Ha learns some martial arts moves from her older brother. Also, he learns English from her teacher, Ms. Washington.

When I was following along while my humanities teacher was reading, I kept connecting and comparing the story with my life. There are some connections and comparisons between my life and the story of Inside Out and Back Again. To compare, I’m sure I didn’t get homesick and confusion like Ha did in America. I didn’t have any problems communicating because I used English for about 7 hours of my day. But I did have some troubles talking to the Vietnamese people. For another example, I might have bullied someone, but I never got bullied by any of my friends or anyone in my memory. If I had to read this book again, individually or in a group, I would read this again because it reminded me of my memories or anything that made me think of that relates to the story.

Spreading Racism via Facebook By: Toms Jacobs

This week’s article called ‘Spreading Racism via Facebook’ written by Toms Jacobs is about Facebook being a particularly powerful medium to spread racist messages. More than half of the population of Earth has a Facebook account. Most of the users that upload posts that are related to racism, are all about the black people. Most Facebook users don’t think about the post very deeply, and agrees about the posts.

I didn’t have parts I didn’t understand in the article, but I don’t get why people who post posts about racism. It might be funny for the person who posts, but some Facebook users might feel uncomfortable whenever they see racist posts. Although the posts are mostly about racism between the whites and blacks, I sometimes feel uncomfortable and annoyed. This makes me remind me a part in the article which is in the 6th paragraph, “whites are the most oppressed racial group in America.” It reminds me of this part of the article because I think most of the posters are white Americans.

When I check Facebook, there’s always atleast one or two race posts. Most people would, and I also just laugh and scroll down to another post. I don’t think racism as a serious problem because there are lots of posts about racism on social media sites. But after I read this article, I kind of thought it would hurt some people like the black people because the race posts are mostly about the black.

In Medical First, a Baby With H.I.V Is Deemed Cured By: Andrew Pollack

This week’s article called ‘Baby With H.I.V Is Reported Cured’ written by Andrew Pollack is about a baby who got cured by H.I.V. The baby was born in rural Mississippi, and started getting treated after 30 hours being born. According to the data from the United Nations, there were about 330,000 babies infected in 2011, and that globally, more than three million children have H.I.V.

I don’t think I had any parts I didn’t understand because I felt I read this article with deep impression. I don’t like people getting hurt, even if I don’t know them well, I feel sorry for them. While I was reading this article, I thought bitterly within the baby and the mother. However, I think the saddest part is in the article, where there’s a part saying, “In the United States, transmission from mother to child is rare — several experts said there are only about 200 cases a year or even fewer — because infected mothers are generally treated during their pregnancies.” It’s really sad that transmission from mother to child is rare, and that this baby was one of the 200.

I think it’s awesome that the doctors cured a baby with H.I.V. I feel so sorry for the baby because I know that getting cured for an illness. I know getting cured for an illness is very hard because one of my relatives had an illness, and whenever I went to the hospital with my family, he was tired from getting blood tests and shots. But he was an adult, and in this case, it’s a newborn baby. I feel sorry for the baby’s mom too because I’m sure she’ll feel sorry for her baby and she’ll think it’s all her fault. While reading the article I was really sad but now that I know the baby is cured, I’m happy for the baby and the baby’s mom. I wish the best for them. 🙂

37 dead in Egypt riots after verdict in soccer deaths [REDO]

This article called ‘37 dead in Egypt riots after verdict in soccer deaths’ is about people dying because of  soccer. Almost 300 people were injured. Two policemen were shot outside of Port Said’s main prison and were dead. Also two local soccer players were shot on the way of going to practice. One was identified as Mahmoud Abdel-Halim al-Dizawi, a soccer player who played in the Al-Marikh club. Another soccer player was identified as Tamer al-Fahla, who played for the main Al-Masry Team. The doctor said that al-Diwazi was shot 3 times.

I don’t really understand why the people killed the policemen, soccer players, and soccer fans. I can’t find a reason why they had to kill them. If the murderers killed the policemen, soccer players, and soccer fans just because they were mad because the team they’re cheering for lost, I bet they’ll regret and feel bad for the murdered people for a long time. I’m getting worried about the world cup because there might be people like the murderers terrorizing the country they played against on. In the 2nd last paragraph, I think Hassan also thinks that Egypt is a scary place to live or stay for a few days.

This is my first time knowing about people killing people because of soccer. I have seen people having fist-fights on the news, but I’ve never heard of people killing. It was new information, and I’m not going to Egypt because I don’t want to get killed. This article was hard to understand, but it was interesting and very new to me at the same time. If my family wanted to travel Egypt or Port Said or both, I’m never going to go and I won’t let my family go too.I wouldn’t want to get killed and my family won’t want that too.

Students of DIY Workshop Make First Skateboards in Afghanistan

This week’s article of the week is called, ‘ Students of DIY Workshop Make First Skateboards in Afghanistan’. This article is the second part of the article that I wrote about about 10 weeks before which is called, ‘Skateistan Mourns Its Bright Sparks After Kabul Attack’. This week’s article is about the process of students making first skateboards ever in Afghanistan and how making skateboards help them share their culture.

I think the author’s message for this article is ‘although you think something’s not really important or special, that “something” can give other people happiness’. I thought of this when I read the interview in the sixth paragraph, which she said, “Everyone was very happy and excited about cutting and making the skateboards. So far we were using skateboards and didn’t know how a skateboard is made! But today we got information about cutting and making a skateboard and really enjoyed doing it.” (part of the article)

I’m not sure I’m related to this article. I don’t really feel happy when I do something, but my mom said she feels really happy whenever she sings. My dad said he feels happy when he plays golf and when he watches a good movie. I think my brother’s always happy. But he said he feels happiness when he’s playing games like card games or Korean traditional game together with his family. I think feeling happiness even with something small is a good thing.

Centennial celebration: Keeping Rosa Parks’ legacy alive By : Cassandra Spratling

This week’s article of the week called, ‘Centennial celebration: Keeping Rosa Parks’ legacy alive’ by Cassandra Spratling is about the Parks’ life story during she and his husband, Raymond Parks were working for the Conyers, and helping people. If Rosa Parks was still alive now, it would have been her 100th anniversary.

I didn’t know there was a person called Rosa Parks. But by reading this article, I knew this person was a very helpful person for America. The article said that Rosa Parks and her husband, Raymond Parks were both political activist in Alabama where their home state is. When Rosa Parks met his husband, he was one of the primary people working to free a group of black men, who were known as the Scottsboro Boys. Scottsboro Boys were black men who raped two white women.

In Korean history, there is a similar person called Yoo Kwan Sun (유관순 not sure of her english spelling) who was an independence activist. She wanted freedom when the Japanese annexation of Korea happened. She had all kinds of tortures that I don’t want to list even one. When she was arrested by the Japanese military, she was 17 years old. While I was reading this article, it reminded me of Yoo Kwan Sun a lot.