Hotpot is an important meal to my family’s generation, it is important to my family because it is a meal to bring everyone in the family together. I chose Hotpot because I have grown up eating it all my life, we would eat it during the colder seasons or sometimes on the weekends. There are a mixture of many different types of mushrooms, vegetables, and a type of protein. You can either make it vegetarian by making a vegetable broth or you can stick to the meat broth. If you want to make a vegetarian you can replace the meat with tofu.

To make a hot pot you will need the following ingredients.

– Meat broth
– Green vegetables
– 3 different kinds of Mushrooms
– Shrimp
– Meat
– Crab sticks
– Radish
– Potatoes

For a vegan hotpot:

– Vegetable broth
– Green vegetables
– Tofu
– Fake meat
– Radish
– Potatoes
– Radish
– 3 different kinds of Mushrooms



1. Place meat/vegetable into boiling water, let it simmer for 15 minutes

2. Chop up and wash vegetables

3. Place different dishes into different plates

4. Pour the broth into a portable table pot

5. Put whatever you want into the soup and let it cook

6. Enjoy it with your family!

To eat with the broth, you can either serve it with rice or rice noodles.




earth worm






The dirt, the sun, the preys of worms surround.
Kids will scream, jump, terrifying my wake
My friends, family, they all will be drowned.
A little worm’s life is much more at stake

Their fear for me is way beyond compare.
They’ll pick me up, and fling me far away.
My friends will shriek and run out of air
Or they will feed me to the big blue jays .

Sometimes I want to have legs like humans
But I know that will never happen here.
My chances have way too much confusion.
And yet the sun will still shine bright and clear.

Being a small worm is not worth the wait.
When people find us, they’ll use us as baits .

Mandarin ” Essay”

我叫颜嘉惠, 我家有五口人,有妈妈,爸爸,哥哥,和弟弟。我是越南人,还是中国人。我可以说英文,中文,和越南语。 我有黑色的头发, 我矮矮的,不高。我是一个很奇怪的人。我喜欢吃香蕉, 芒果和很多种类的水果。我不喜欢去看医生,因为他们很害怕。我也不喜欢吃药。冬天是我最喜欢的天气,我很喜欢冬天的雪。 我第一次看雪是十二月二十三日, 二0 0三年。在美国看的。我也很喜欢看书,踢球和,打篮球。

My name is Nhan Gia Hue, I have five people in my family, my mom, dad, brother, and little brother. I am Vietnamese but I am also Chinese. I can speak English, Chinese, and Vietnamese. I have black hair and I’m short, not tall. I am a very weird person. I like to eat bananas, mangoes, and many varieties of fruit. I don’t like to go to see the doctor, because they are very scary. I also don’t like medicine. Winter is my favorite season. I like it because there are snow. My first time seeing snow is on December 23, 2013. It is very beautiful. I also really like to read books, play football, and basketball.

Plant based bento-box

Sometimes its pretty hard to get all your nutrition in a plant-based died. That’s why I will show you how to make a bento box, not just any bento box but a vegan/vegetarian one that is full of the nutrition that you need! Bento boxes are fun, healthy, and easy to make, You can literally put anything into it. But here are the things that I had in my Bento box.

You will need :


1 cup rice 5.000
1/2 cup broccoli 5.000
1/2 cup potatoes 5.000
1/2 cup tomato 5.000
1/2 onion 3.000
2 cucumbers 4.000
1/4 cup lentils 30.000
1 box of tofu 63.000
½ head Lettuce 2.000
1 tbsp raisin 2.000

Total cost: 124,000vnd


First you will have to get some cooked rice and then start cutting up the veggies! Any veggies are fine but the ones that I used is Broccoli, potatoes, tomato, onion, and lentils. Cook the lentils for about 5-10 minutes and then add the tomatoes, and then the rest of your veggies. Except the broccoli, you can either steam them or boil them in another pot.

bento stuff








Then I rolled up some rice and wrapped them in some korean seaweed sheets. I don’t have a picture of it, but I pretty much just felt like making my bento box more fun and cute. After the rolled up rice, I poured over my veggie mixture. Oh the smell was divine. To add a bit more color on the other side of my bento box, I sliced up some lettuce and placed some cut up cucumbers with raisins on top. Also, after boiling my broccoli, I placed it on top of my rice and veggies.


Here is my final result!



Vehicle reflection

My group’s car, the A.N.T 2000 is made of cardboard since we thought it would be very light and fast. We cut out 4 circles for the front wheel and 4 big circles for the back wheels. Then we connected the wheels with wooden chopsticks and to make the car move, we used a balloon and connected it to a straw. We tested the vehicle with a large worm balloon and a small party balloon. Turned out that the small balloon worked a lot more efficiently than the large balloon, because the large balloon would get under the vehicle, causing it to stop.

In Newton’s first law, we need force to act upon it to move, Our force is the air coming out of the balloon, we blow up the balloon and when it accelerates, the vehicle moves. The second law is you need more force to push a heavier mass. In this case, we will need to fill the balloon with more air in order to push the heavier mass (the vehicle) to move. Our vehicle applies to Newton’s third law because when the air blows out of the balloon, there is an equal and opposite reaction force so that that our vehicle moves forward.

Jonathan’s team is the winner because their vehicle went the fastest and smoothest without any problems. They also had the simplest vehicle out of all the other vehicles. Since the vehicle is a straw with a balloon taped on it, and it ran on a fishline. The vehicle could travel fast without bumping into any other vehicles.


What was your goal?

My goal was to be a better student in class.


What did you achieve and do well?

I achieve being a better student in class because I talked less and I pay more attention to the teacher in class.


What did you struggle with?

I struggle with remembering when my homework is due.


What will 8th grade be like?

I think that 8th grade will be a very fun year because it is going to be our last year in middle school. But 8th grade might also be a lot more difficult because the teachers will be different.

40 Book Challenge REFLECTION


To be really honest, I really did not like the 40 book challenge at all. It made me really stressful and I read a lot less knowing that I have to read at least 40 books or more. If I had to compare myself as a reader to last year, I would say that I read a lot less books. Last year, I read series after series and I also read for hours at home. I still really love to read, I can read a book for hours if I really enjoy it. Maybe it’s not the 40 book challenge that is making me read less. It could be that I can’t find a book that I like anymore. The library has a lot of books but most of them are old and most of them don’t seem to interest me.

The hardest genre for me to read is Historical fiction. I’m almost done with all my genres but Historical fiction is still left blank. Realistic fiction is my favorite genre, I love reading books that have a story that I can relate to. So far I have read 29 books. My goal is to read 1 more book and make it 30 books.There is nothing better than a really good book and a peaceful background.

Last freewrite of the year

The highlight of grade 7                                                May 30, 2013

This year I have created a lot of amazing memories with not just my friends, but with my family. I got a lot closer to people that I had never thought I would even talk to. Mrisa soccer 2013 is the best memory I had this year. So much amazing moments happened in Mrisa. I felt a lot closer to my team mates during Mrisa too. Playing a game in Mrisa is a lot more competitive than playing a normal game here with another school. I realized that everything got a lot more peaceful this year. Last year was kind of like war. There was so much hate going on around our grade, but now it’s all good.

I can’t believe that we are all going to be in 8th grade next year. It felt like yesterday, I was a 5th grader in Mr. Sullivan’s class trying to solve a really hard math problem. That was in elementary, almost 3 years ago. Next year will be the last year of middle school. After that It will be high school, and boom. College and university. Soon me and my friends will get separated when it’s time for college. I heard that a lot of people in high school lose the friends that they used to be really close to in middle school. It’s really sad knowing that, the friends you have now, might not even make any contact or remember you in the future.

Right now, I’m still a 7th grader. Getting ready to become an 8th grader. The future seems so scary to me. I do not want to become and adult. I do not want to go to work 10 hours a day and then come home and have to take care of my kids. Also, I would have to pay the taxes and use a lot less money. Out of all the the scary things, I do not want to lose my family. I know, that they will be gone some day, I would be too. But it’s really hard to think that someone as important as your mom and dad wouldn’t be there anymore when you need them. Anyways, I’m getting a bit cheesy. I’ll end the free write here.