Summer School Day 8 Reflection

Today was a very exciting day for me since it was actually my birthday! I found out that during class, we would be making brownies for my birthday. Although brownies (especially sweet ones) are not my favorite, I was still very touched since it made me felt very special. Today I learned and experienced another characteristic of kids: they like fairness. However, I must say what is “fair” to them, may be different than what is “fair” to older people. In class, we made two brownie pans since we doubled the recipe. Ms. Amy gave each kid a small slice (it actually came out more like blobs), and she gave me a whole pan to take home. The kids loved the brownies and were all complaining how it was unfair that I get to keep a whole pan. I thought that this was super funny. It did made me ponder about how narrow-minded kids are. This isn’t necessarily bad, in fact, it’s quite cute and is what makes a kid a kid. The important thing was that I learnt to not always give in. That’s the only way how they will learn and think more complexively.

Summer School Reflection Day 7

Today I felt very tired going to summer school. I had very little sleep last night because of my addiction to staying up late. As I was coming to school, I felt unmotivated and was imagination my bed the whole time. My face that morning was a common face that I see as I go to school everyday since I think almost everyone in highschool could use a bit more sleep. However, the kids at summer school never really have a day where they are not full of energy. They seem to always be excited and ready to start there day. I knew that if I had my unhappy face on, it would make the kids feel uncomfortable and think that something was wrong. Therefore, I tried to smile and be energetic. Being a teacher, especially for younger kids is hard. You really have to always be positive and happy no matter what because you are their role model. There were time in the day where my crankiness urged me to act unfriendly, but I did resist and tried my best to stay positive. It was not easy, but it gave me the experience of experiencing what teachers have to go through very often.

Summer School Reflection Day 6

Today was the beginning of a new week. During class, Ms. Amy introduced a new unit that we will be working on: nature. I love science, so I was more than excited for this new unit. A lot of the kids were confused about the definition of “nature”. I’ve always thought that “nature” was such an “easy” word, but after the day, I had to question my preexisting definition of it. I ended up having more questions running through my mind more than probably all the kids in the class. It was thrilling to me how no matter what environment I am in, I still get curious and engaged in the class’ lesson. One of the highlight of my day was listening to the curiosity of the first graders. One of the girl asked, “do mushrooms need seed to grow?” This question impressed me the most because the girl was very keen, quickly realizing that mushrooms are not the same as all the other plants. It’s fascinating how smart she was because I think I never knew mushrooms are from the “fungi” family until my high school year….I have to agree that every year, kids are getting smarter. It’s wonderful to watch this first handed.

Summer School Day 5 Reflection

Today was the most exciting day for the kids. We got to do one of the coolest science activity first thing in the morning: making ice cream in a bag. This was actually an idea I suggested to the teacher, so it felt really good to watch the kids enjoy it so much. A consistently repeating pattern that I have learned so far is that kids like to move around and perform a lot. For example, by having the kids actually making their own ice cream, the kids are more likely to remember the science that they learned that day opposed to if we only taught it using the whiteboard. The second activity we did was the boat racing. I enjoyed watching the kids racing a lot since it reminded me of my own childhood. It was very funny to me how some kids cheated to win but they feel completely guilt free! It was actually very cute and highlighted their innocence. A proud moment I had this day was during the last exciting activity. The fourth, fifth, and six graders paired up with the kids to read stories they wrote to them. The girl that was paired with Summer was having a hard time since Summer could not understand English at all. Since Summer felt pressured, she was tearing up. I quickly jumped in and did my best to translate the story to Mandarin for her. Although my Mandarin skills are, well, quite basic, I still somewhat managed to make her feel a little better and for her to enjoy the story! This was a great moment for me.

Summer School Day 4 Reflection

This morning, a very close kid (or should I say, friend?) of mine got infected with a red eye. I felt really bad for her since the first activity for the morning was a super exciting one that I actually spent yesterday prepping for. We were making our own race boats to race in the water on Friday! I could imagined the excitement and joy that this girl would’ve had if she was going to join us, so I decided to paint her boat for her. She had to go home from it, but I really hope she comes back tomorrow. Today, I was trying to explain this math game to some younger kids: it was very hard. No matter how many times I explained the idea of having a “leftover,” they could not understand it. I almost gave up. However, after a more visual explanation, they were able to slightly understand me better. I think that visuals are a great way to help kids understand since they’re English at this moment is still quite weak. In addition, there is a Chinese student in the classroom who knows very to no English. I spoke to her in Chinese the whole day and we actual got closer from that. I was happy that I was able to make her feel more comfortable, and I was able to be someone who she could come for help. I was thankful of my Mandarin teacher, and a little bit inside me regret not choosing it as a course for my next school year. What I learn at school definitely have more uses then just for me to past my test after all!

Summer School Day 3 Reflection

Today went really well. I felt very close to all the children, and surprisingly, it was getting easier for me to get out of bed so early. I guess the children’s charm motivated me. I developed a special bond with a girl name Bella, and what she said to me today made me super happy. She said she wanted me to stay forever and ever ever ever ever ever (she went on for a while!). Although I don’t know how much of it she meant, she still made my day with her sweet words and smile. Today was also the day I was the most energized, which is a big accomplishment for me since it meant I’m building up my stamina. In the past few days, a common thought that ran through my mind was how teachers are able to teach the whole 7 hours a day without getting drain out. I was always exhausted after just 4 hours of ASSISTING. However now, I think I am starting to realize more about why they do what they do. You really have to love the job and love kids. I think that if you love kids, you will enjoy being a teacher a lot since you get to see them grow literally every day. The kids’ innocence and playfulness is what have been making this experience very enjoyable for me.