Independence of Tsing Lin

In life, people meet those that┬ámakes┬átheir lives a living hell. It becomes necessary for the people to make it clear to the other person that all connections should be cut and no interactions should be made in attempt to avoid nastiness. This declaration will make everyone understand the burden one creates under themselves when in the face of the most terrifying creature on earth… their little cousins.

Everyone is created equal and should have rights in life that makes them a true human being. But… in this case, all rights are ignored by this hideous creature. It violates my very existence and that makes it necessary for oneself to declare independence and be free.

1. It has constantly annoyed me for a long period of time nonstop without end.

2. It has wrongfully taken or used my property without my consent.

3. It has been ignoring direct orders from me just to satisfy his own evil cause.

After all this torment caused on me, I’ve decided to try to talk this out with, to try to make this devils spawn understand. However, my words have either reached a deaf ear or a resilient and cold heart. My appeals have been ignored and responded with further demonic smiles and evil comebacks.

I, therefore, am taking matters in my own hands and declaring my independence. In the name of all that is good I declare freedom from this fiends grip. I’m willing to pledge my very sanity for this freedom.