Factory Collapse Aftermath

In Bangladesh a factory making international garment has collapsed due to poor labor condition and a horrible construction regulation. Because of the lack of money to make it a better working condition, they ignored the unsafe structural design and carried on in having the workers work. This poor decision ultimately resulted in the collapse of the factory which caused numerous deaths and casualties. This situation relates to recent factory collapses like the 1860 collapse of Pembertons Mill. The mill has been marked as unsafe due to the weak columns… over time the columns cracked which caused the whole building to be brought down. In truth, factories tend to mistreat their workers just for their own gain. Like factories disliking the expenses spent on the workers then firing all of them just to have new batches sent in.

The authors purpose of this article is to spread the word that a lot of factories are unfair and we, as a society should do everything in our power to stop them by applying pressure on these unfair factories. We can do that by using social medias and rioting against the factory. But not all factories are like this, there are few like Levi Strauss who treat their workers as best as they can.

As a person part of the community, I will be more thoughtful of unfair treatment towards workers and try to help them. True, it may not affect me in any way at all because the collapse is miles away, but they’re sacrificing their life for things as simple as clothing. To not have this happen again we need to support these workers and help them out as best as we can.


Civilians gets in way of the F.B.I

BOOM! In Boston a bomb went off and killed 3 people while injuring hundreds more. This disaster created a hot topic for people around and videos are released of car chases and gunfights. In a website called Reddit.com caused people to falsely accuse each other and that becomes a threat to the public. Reddit is website that allows you to post anything for others to see. At this point everyone is going through security surveillance and trying to crack the case of who is behind this bombing. As critics say, “I’d take thousands of people over a select few very smart investigators any day,” but what is actually happening is that while people are trying to solve this… wrong accusations can come up and the accused becomes a wrongfully targeted victim which is dangerous. This forced the F.B.I to post the pictures of the two brothers a few days earlier to avoid further violence. If the people weren’t getting in the way and trying to be Holmes, the police would be able to arrest the brothers in a more discreet manner. But because of the people, they had to post the pictures up which is like sending a flare saying, “We know you guys did it and we’re after you.” Without the element of surprise, the police had no chance of catching them by surprise. And without surprise it’s possible the people forced the police into a gunfight that caused a death of a officer.

The author wrote this article to give a shine on this event, on how people can be troublesome in these events and how it impacted the police in this particular affair. He did this by indicating how the people reacted the bombing and what they did. The author showed the problem and the results, but the inference of the people forcing the police into the gunfight was just an inference to the details the author is showing me.

Receiving this article shows me that the police are there to help and we can also help, but that doesn’t mean that we try to help them int he general answers. We can help them by providing information for them, shady people we saw and that kind of stuff. To go online and falsely accuse each other just becomes a burden for the police. We need to leave the real detective work to the police and the apply info to them without getting in in the way.small__4777098024


Spreading Racism Through facebook?

Facebook is now the worlds largest social media, people are all using this social media to communicate and share. It’s a great way to spread news to people around the globe. But a raising question is, does it affect the way racism is spread? A group of researchers studied a number of Internet users, they told the users to read a Note Page of facebook. The Note Page contained a letter that was written by Jack Brown, the message was a superiority message, showing how black and white individuals act and how they differ, and that the whites are superior to the blacks. The saw how the Internet users would react to the post, and what they would do about it. Study is shown that the Internet users wouldn’t take action and wouldn’t find the post offensive, they show a positive attitude towards the post because they need a place to belong in socially.

The author wrote this article to show what social medias are like and how they are connected to racism. By doing that the author wrote down how the researchers proved is social medias really spread racism. It gives us a insight on how people are using social medias as a power to insult others, and since people to feel included they are often joining in the post.

Knowing what social medias can do to us, we must know that be preventing racism spreading we need to make it stop. Whenever we see a post like this we need to act and think of how we can efficiently prevent this, whether it’s by telling the user that’s insulting to stop or we can report them. Either way, seeing hurtful remarks to someone else isn’t cool and we all need to do anything we can to help them.


HIV Virus Cured!

A baby infected with HIV is undergoing intense treatment, being dosed in antiretroviral drugs, 18 months later, the baby withdrew from the drugs treatment. When the baby came back, doctors expected a high rise in the level of virus, instead, the results came back with negative levels of virus in the baby’s system. We may have a way of curing HIV. A mother arrived at a hospital, she didn’t see a doctor during pregnancy and din’t know she was infected with HIV, when test results showed that she had HIV the baby had to be transported the Mississippi for treatment. With aggressive treatment the viral levels in the baby were really small. Until the mom stopped going to the hospital after 18 months. 5 months later the baby was brought back in and all the virus in the baby has gone. The baby has been cured.

Author wrote this article to spread the word that a cure for HIV might be possible if treatment goes this way at a young age. HIV has been killing a lot of people by disabling the immune systems, this way people born with HIV can have a chance of living. This discovery means a lot on earth and the author just wants to show us what this could mean.

This article connects to everything, with a possible way of curing HIV the population would grow because people don’t have to die because of HIV anymore. This can connect to my life as well, I might have someone close to me infected with HIV, but then with the ability to cure HIV the one close to me don’t have to die and can have a peaceful life.

Egypt Riot

Fires are in the air, the people are marching through the streets, carrying dangerous objects like bricks and glass that are currently being used for maiming. The riot police appears out of nowhere then rams into the people with their shields, tear gas are being fired as well as rubber bullets. But very soon after the riot police are overwhelmed and some of them died on the assault. In the article, “37 dead in Egypt of verdict in soccer deaths” by Sarah Lynch, it tells us that Egypt is currently having a riot that are not happy at the judge’s verdict. They storm through police stations and governor’s office and are gradually taking over. The amount of violence is “very severe” said Hassan. Policemen were killed right after the verdict and riots are causing numerous deaths and casualties between the police and the people.

The author of the article is showing how much violence is happening in Egypt right now, but the violence isn’t spurred for no reason. The Egyptians thought the judge’s verdict was really unfair and decided they had enough, they don’t hate their government, but they will do anything to change what they don’t like about it. Even if it mean charging through the streets hurting people. In their own way, their demanding what they think is right.

Egypt is in trouble right now, the riot is going to cause the country to fall and get into a worst state from the riot last year. This riot is a lot like last years in Egypt, the same riot police trying to control the crowd and the crowd fighting back. But this year it serves a greater purpose, instead of a simple soccer match bout, it’s about what the people think they deserve.


When Biker Use Drugs

Winning 7 Tour de France titles in a row, Lance Armstrong is now a record breaking biker that astounded people around the world. Is that too much to take in? In the article “Lance Armstrong Admits Drug Use, Bullying Tactics” by Lance Pugmire, the world is shocked to know that the rider is actually using drugs and blood transfusions to achieve his titles. He said without the performance-enhancing drugs he wouldn’t be able to win. While interviewing with Oprah Winfrey, he admits the use of energy boosting substance EPO, testosterone, HGH, cortisone and employing blood-doping practices and transfusions. The past few years some people has reported him of drug use, but Lance defiantly denied them and sued them for their accusations. Now he wants to make amends for all the people he sued and all the lives he ruined.

The purpose of this article is to show us what Lance Armstrong did and also show that cheating is possible in every possible way and how it affects ones life. Take all the people that accused him for example, now their lives are ruined because of their loss of a job and Lance Armstrong is in guilt in what he did. Cheating can affect a lot of people in many different ways. It may feel good for a few days but eventually you’ll be feeling the guilt.

I think that to be knowing that such a famous and impressive person can also have big flaws opened our eyes and give us unexpected outcomes. Lance Armstrong may have cheated, but at least he had the guts to come to a talk show and make a world-wide confession. Sure, he did it late, but he did it bravely. When we do soemthing wrong, stepping up is always the best choice.



A wave laps up a cup of Styrofoam, a seabird nearby flies to it and take a bite off of it. This results in the Styrofoam poisoning the seabird and ultimately kills it. 10 year old Mia Hansen is well aware of the pollution and all the Styrofoam drifting in the ocean. And she will do everything to lessen the rates of a Styrofoam cup ending up in the ocean. In the article, “Fifth-Grader’s Petition Prompts Jamba Juice to Ditch Styrofoam.” by Stephen Messenger Mia is one child that created a poll on Change.org that says “Styrofoam takes so long to break down into the Earth. In the ocean, several animals think that this product is food, so when they go to eat it, the styrofoam can kill them!” A lot of people supported this idea and this caught Jamba Juice’s attention. In three weeks their response came out saying they will stop using Styrofoam by the end of 2013. By using sheer determination and heart a 5th grader did what’s right that most adults couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

The purpose is to obviously show us what humans are capable of. “It made me feel like anyone of any age in any country can really make a difference in the world.” Says Mia. And she is right, what we are lacking is the will to act and determination. Mia is special because she truly cared when others wouldn’t, she acted when others would’ve just give up, and she succeeded because she kept at it. One of the many examples of our capabilities.

Mia did this because she thought it was right for the community and ecosystem. What do you think is right? If you strongly believe something should be changed then be strong like Mia and do what other people wouldn’t have done. Succeed, fail, whatever. As long as you can go home thinking, ‘At least I tried to change what’s wrong and right them.”

Legend of Zelda Gameplay Changed!

Play the game, don’t let the game play you.

In almost every single video game we play the protagonist is male, male, and more male. Rarely we see a female jumping on platforms, gunning down aliens, or slashin’ and hackin’ the heads off monsters or whatsoever. Well, Mike Hoye, a father of three and a half year old girl Maya just changed the gameplay of Legend of Zelda for his daughter. In the article, “Dad hacks Zelda video game to change boy superhero into girl for his daughter” by Jordana Divon, is about Mike Hoye, a gamer and a small business owner that changed all the dialogues in the game The Legend of Zelda to indicate that the main character, Link, is a girl instead of a boy. Mike often read the dialogues in the game for his girl since she can’t read, but changing the dialogue in his mind as he goes can be challenging, that’s why he just put the dialogues he wants as part of the game.

“I don’t want my daughter to grow up thinking that girls don’t get to be the hero and save their little brothers.” says Mike. Even though the point of this article isn’t clear, we can imply that the author wants us to know that there are many forms of encouraging children, normally we would just talk to the child after dinner or give them a inspirational book to read. They are effective in some ways but eventually the children gets tired of the books, but Mike Hoye’s method is turning out to be a really special and possibly effective one. Even though people are saying video games can teach bad things, Mike uses his way to prove these people wrong.

Mike Hoye used a reliable and creative way to set Maya on a path where she can believe in herself and eventually becoming and natural leader just by playing a game. Using the interest of Maya he made her being able to grow up thinking that girls are able to become heroes and are as much eligible as boys. This haves me thinking that as a part of a community, we should find ways to guide other peoples path and have them believe in themselves.

Digital Connections

Turn your phone on, use your thumb to press the facebook icon, start checking for updates and posting updates. How many times have you done that? I don’t have a phone yet so I’m not in the checking for updates zone, but I know that people these days just can’t get off their phone, for example… my sister. In the article, “Turn off the Phone(And the Tension)” by Jenna Wortham there are zones like pools and parties in which phones are not allowed in order for them to be more ‘socially interactive.’ Digital connections helps us with being alert with updates, parties, events, hangouts… these are all the things that digital connections helps us with. We also can take pictures and post them online for our friends to see, showing them what kind of stuff we are doing right now. But then using your phone in an interactive place really affects how much fun you can have, so instead of just sitting on the couch texting, maybe you can get up and talk to your friends. The joy of missing out can be fun too. Article’s not saying don’t ever touch your phone, it’s just in the matter of self control, controlling on how to stop and do other things.

The author is telling us that digital connections is a big part of our life, in that way, we are more aware of events from your friends and socially. Social medias can be important, we are constantly sharing things and knowing what our friends are doing, we can also socialize with them from far away to talk about pictures, posts and events. But too much can be bad for your social health, it excludes you from your friends and everybody else around you. It’s important on how you control and restrain from constantly looking at posts and updates.

We all have responsibilities in restraining ourselves, this would help us being included with the people around us and actually connect to them, it’s important to do a little bit of both so our life is leveled out.