New Game Ideas

I’m thinking about a game when a person is climbing a building and objects are being dropped down, it goes forever until the person is hit, the more time you have the more points you get. And when the time reaches a minute and so on the objects would drop faster. I’m going to put a brick wall as a background, then a person in a climbing pose can be my character. He can go up, down, left, right as long as he is avoiding the objects being dropped down from the top. The objects will include household objects like sinks, T.V, etc.

This is my Scratch game screen, Zeus can shoot lightning bolts to destroy the green blocks.

Science Cell and Hormone

I learned a lot about the facts of how the hormones and cells work. Like how they are like keys and locks, they must recognize each other to have an effect. For example a certain hormone can only affect a specific cell to have an effect.

What I learned from Myna and Phoenix is how to use them so they can be useful in the future for creating posters or making audios for other people.


Winter Holiday 2

My winter holiday would be epic for sure and I’m looking forward to it.(Like everyone else) I’ll go back to Taiwan and have a enjoyable time because I know that my cousins also have a break and can accompany me. We’ll do our usual thing, play on XBOX 360 and computers and eat out in restaurants that have awesome foods. Or if we are too busy playing games I’ll take money and go to 7-ELEVEN to buy foods like noodles, rice curry, beef or whatsoever they sell over there.(Yes, at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN sell foods and they are really good) Anyways, there would be new XBOX 360 discs my cousin bought like WWE12. We’ll have a knockout time playing those, but of course we can’t stay indoors forever so every morning like at 7 or something (A time when the sun isn’t too bright)we’ll grab a basketball and go play for like two hours or something. After that we can buy Slurpee’s at 7-ELEVEN to cool off. But this isn’t the highlight of my holiday, sure I’m going to have fun playing video games with my cousins  but there is this one event that is shocking. My bigger cousin (27) is getting married! Now you’ll probably think it’s boring but I love my cousins on my mom side of the family, they are so fun and nice to me. (Excluding the 7-year old one) And I got introduced to the game Batman: Arkham Aslyum which results to my addiction to Batman: Arkham City by the cousin that’s getting married. 5 more days till my brain goes kerplunk… I can handle it!

Son of Neptune Book Trailer

The book trailer is probably one of the most interesting projects out of the four. You wondering why i say its interesting? Because you actually can experience creating a book trailer, putting texts and adding picture is really enjoyable. We can also find music that goes along with the book and I really had fun doing that. This project made me learn that reading is enjoyable and helps pass the time when you’re bored and don’t know what to do. Doing projects always have a gain, what I gained is the increase of my humanities grade. Chao.