Factory Collapse Aftermath

In Bangladesh a factory making international garment has collapsed due to poor labor condition and a horrible construction regulation. Because of the lack of money to make it a better working condition, they ignored the unsafe structural design and carried on in having the workers work. This poor decision ultimately resulted in the collapse of the factory which caused numerous deaths and casualties. This situation relates to recent factory collapses like the 1860 collapse of Pembertons Mill. The mill has been marked as unsafe due to the weak columns… over time the columns cracked which caused the whole building to be brought down. In truth, factories tend to mistreat their workers just for their own gain. Like factories disliking the expenses spent on the workers then firing all of them just to have new batches sent in.

The authors purpose of this article is to spread the word that a lot of factories are unfair and we, as a society should do everything in our power to stop them by applying pressure on these unfair factories. We can do that by using social medias and rioting against the factory. But not all factories are like this, there are few like Levi Strauss who treat their workers as best as they can.

As a person part of the community, I will be more thoughtful of unfair treatment towards workers and try to help them. True, it may not affect me in any way at all because the collapse is miles away, but they’re sacrificing their life for things as simple as clothing. To not have this happen again we need to support these workers and help them out as best as we can.


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