Civilians gets in way of the F.B.I

BOOM! In Boston a bomb went off and killed 3 people while injuring hundreds more. This disaster created a hot topic for people around and videos are released of car chases and gunfights. In a website called caused people to falsely accuse each other and that becomes a threat to the public. Reddit is website that allows you to post anything for others to see. At this point everyone is going through security surveillance and trying to crack the case of who is behind this bombing. As critics say, “I’d take thousands of people over a select few very smart investigators any day,” but what is actually happening is that while people are trying to solve this… wrong accusations can come up and the accused becomes a wrongfully targeted victim which is dangerous. This forced the F.B.I to post the pictures of the two brothers a few days earlier to avoid further violence. If the people weren’t getting in the way and trying to be Holmes, the police would be able to arrest the brothers in a more discreet manner. But because of the people, they had to post the pictures up which is like sending a flare saying, “We know you guys did it and we’re after you.” Without the element of surprise, the police had no chance of catching them by surprise. And without surprise it’s possible the people forced the police into a gunfight that caused a death of a officer.

The author wrote this article to give a shine on this event, on how people can be troublesome in these events and how it impacted the police in this particular affair. He did this by indicating how the people reacted the bombing and what they did. The author showed the problem and the results, but the inference of the people forcing the police into the gunfight was just an inference to the details the author is showing me.

Receiving this article shows me that the police are there to help and we can also help, but that doesn’t mean that we try to help them int he general answers. We can help them by providing information for them, shady people we saw and that kind of stuff. To go online and falsely accuse each other just becomes a burden for the police. We need to leave the real detective work to the police and the apply info to them without getting in in the way.small__4777098024


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