Spreading Racism Through facebook?

Facebook is now the worlds largest social media, people are all using this social media to communicate and share. It’s a great way to spread news to people around the globe. But a raising question is, does it affect the way racism is spread? A group of researchers studied a number of Internet users, they told the users to read a Note Page of facebook. The Note Page contained a letter that was written by Jack Brown, the message was a superiority message, showing how black and white individuals act and how they differ, and that the whites are superior to the blacks. The saw how the Internet users would react to the post, and what they would do about it. Study is shown that the Internet users wouldn’t take action and wouldn’t find the post offensive, they show a positive attitude towards the post because they need a place to belong in socially.

The author wrote this article to show what social medias are like and how they are connected to racism. By doing that the author wrote down how the researchers proved is social medias really spread racism. It gives us a insight on how people are using social medias as a power to insult others, and since people to feel included they are often joining in the post.

Knowing what social medias can do to us, we must know that be preventing racism spreading we need to make it stop. Whenever we see a post like this we need to act and think of how we can efficiently prevent this, whether it’s by telling the user that’s insulting to stop or we can report them. Either way, seeing hurtful remarks to someone else isn’t cool and we all need to do anything we can to help them.


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