HIV Virus Cured!

A baby infected with HIV is undergoing intense treatment, being dosed in antiretroviral drugs, 18 months later, the baby withdrew from the drugs treatment. When the baby came back, doctors expected a high rise in the level of virus, instead, the results came back with negative levels of virus in the baby’s system. We may have a way of curing HIV. A mother arrived at a hospital, she didn’t see a doctor during pregnancy and din’t know she was infected with HIV, when test results showed that she had HIV the baby had to be transported the Mississippi for treatment. With aggressive treatment the viral levels in the baby were really small. Until the mom stopped going to the hospital after 18 months. 5 months later the baby was brought back in and all the virus in the baby has gone. The baby has been cured.

Author wrote this article to spread the word that a cure for HIV might be possible if treatment goes this way at a young age. HIV has been killing a lot of people by disabling the immune systems, this way people born with HIV can have a chance of living. This discovery means a lot on earth and the author just wants to show us what this could mean.

This article connects to everything, with a possible way of curing HIV the population would grow because people don’t have to die because of HIV anymore. This can connect to my life as well, I might have someone close to me infected with HIV, but then with the ability to cure HIV the one close to me don’t have to die and can have a peaceful life.

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