Egypt Riot

Fires are in the air, the people are marching through the streets, carrying dangerous objects like bricks and glass that are currently being used for maiming. The riot police appears out of nowhere then rams into the people with their shields, tear gas are being fired as well as rubber bullets. But very soon after the riot police are overwhelmed and some of them died on the assault. In the article, “37 dead in Egypt of verdict in soccer deaths” by Sarah Lynch, it tells us that Egypt is currently having a riot that are not happy at the judge’s verdict. They storm through police stations and governor’s office and are gradually taking over. The amount of violence is “very severe” said Hassan. Policemen were killed right after the verdict and riots are causing numerous deaths and casualties between the police and the people.

The author of the article is showing how much violence is happening in Egypt right now, but the violence isn’t spurred for no reason. The Egyptians thought the judge’s verdict was really unfair and decided they had enough, they don’t hate their government, but they will do anything to change what they don’t like about it. Even if it mean charging through the streets hurting people. In their own way, their demanding what they think is right.

Egypt is in trouble right now, the riot is going to cause the country to fall and get into a worst state from the riot last year. This riot is a lot like last years in Egypt, the same riot police trying to control the crowd and the crowd fighting back. But this year it serves a greater purpose, instead of a simple soccer match bout, it’s about what the people think they deserve.