TED Talk: Response

Time-lapse Proof of Extreme Ice Loss- James Balog

In this talk, James Balog starts off showing us that cameras can show us aspects of nature that we may never notice. He shows us footage of ice melting and cracking off glaciers. This is evidence that the earth is warming from all the fossil fuel in the atmosphere.This is from all the Co2 in the air and Co2 can absorb heat. That is why the earth is just getting warmer and warmer.

The Other Inconvenient Truth- Jonathan Foley

The earth is constantly warming from all the Co2 in the air. With all the heat going on, drought will settle on places that specializes in growing crops, with the drought going on the  crops are likely to die. This causes a global problem because without crop we can’t have food. Impacts the earth and eventually will cause famine.

Let’s Prepare for Our New Climate-Vicki Arroyo

These days, humans are building alot of roads and buildings, this is taking up alot of space in nature, now instead jungles and forests we are cutting down trees and replacing them with roads and skyscrapers. We also extract a lot of water, even emptying some of the river beds. This is mostly for growing crops, humans needs a lot of food in the growing population and are now taking up alot of land and water to make sure we get a enough amount of food.

Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Changes- James Hansen

Climate changes are beginning to change a lot due to the amount of fossil fuel in the air. The earth is warmer and our temperatures are changing drastically. When there are changes in climate the natural disasters are also affected. We may be facing new threats as natural disasters get more destructive and powerful.