When People Are Homeless

Imagine, you have a nice house, a nice car and even a nice bathroom with heated caps so your bottom is warm! You’re enjoying your life, drinking beer, sleeping on good beds when suddenly… BAM. You’re kicked out of your house and start living in the streets. This is how Mark Horvath felt in, People Are Awesome: Formerly Homeless Road-Tripper Gives Other Homeless People A Voice Mark Horvath Gives Homeless People A Voice Through Videos” by Nona Willis Aronowitz. Mark started successful, but after drugs and whatnot he is now homeless! He started to film homeless people though, and when he posted all the videos on youtube and twitter, he realized people cared. The people who cared are donating lands to feed the low income people, other people and looking for places they can stay in, now Mark is extending his trip around the States possibly inspiring more people to do what’s right.

I think the author’s purpose is to tell us that homeless people needed help, they can’t help themselves since they have no money, and that’s why we think of homeless people as thieves or criminals. They started out being innocent, it’s the desperation of money that got to them. Another purpose is to want us to maybe support the homeless people and somehow help them have a brighter future.

This article will give all of us a insight of what homeless people have to endure, we think that they are criminals but actually they are suffering. I can imagine how this must have felt, to be stripped off of my internet, my house and all of my properties. We know that there are a lot of people who needs the help of the fortunate, we should heed their call and do what we can.

Slavery Still EXISTS!!!

We have all lived in freedom. Yoghurts, burgers, basketball courts are just down the streets. We have luxuries and the privileges to do whatever we want. But imagine kids your age forced to carry slabs of stone twice your size, imagine kids your age forced to get put in work that will have a possibility of drowning and witnessing death. You done with the imagining? Not so pleasant, huh? Well, people are being stripped clean of their freedom, and in the article, “Slavery Still Exists” by Lisa Kristine, many people are still slaves. When people are slaves, that work 16 hours STRAIGHT without bathroom breaks, no breaks of any kind with ZERO money. Yes, ZERO money. I’m betting you’ll say, “What? I thought it’s illegal?” Yep, it is illegal, but people are being tricked into slavery by false hopes such as, “Hey yo, need some money for that debt you owe to Jim?” The slaves will be like, “Sure, buddy!” Then just as the flower of hope is about to bloom… BAM. Their whole family starts backbreaking work for vicious owners. There are 27 million slaves in this world and families have been trapped in the cruel world for generations for debts as much as $18.

The author’s purpose of showing this article to us is to try and show us how cruel the world still is and get us to know that slavery is still out there, maybe even support the anti-slavery organisations and donate a few dollars. There are pictures of men being underground for a long time, children carrying slabs of stone twice their size, people panning for gold while in water that contains mercury, A.K.A don’t drink the water!!! Children are forced to wake up at 1a.m and drag fish nets that are extremely heavy constantly till 5a.m, children being forced to work on fishing boats… and more.

If I was a kid that is being forced to carry bricks, work in poisonous places, I will seriously start to hate the world for this, I will maybe start doing bad things like take drugs or smoke or even get so high that I will have the nerve to shoot presidential authority people for allowing this to happen. Slavery is bad, and we all know.


Skateistan Bombing

Boom! A suicide bomber just pulled the pin and blew up in the crowded Ahfghan capital. In the article, “Skateistan mourns its bright sparks after Kabul attack” by Preethi Ramamoorthy, the suicide bomber killed 2 students and 2 instructors from Skateistan. The objective of Skateistan is to provide education and fun for the street kids that have zero education and now they have lost 4 members, this would not prevent the program from continuing and now they’re trying to provide safer places for the kids. Skateistan is created by Oliver Percovich in 2007, when he saw the street boys being extremely interested in his skating he made a decision that would change his life. He started to make a organization in where volunteers can teach the children how to skate and give them education. It was hard at first, but eventually he began to get donation from Black Box which donated equipments for skateboard while the Danish also donated money. The Afghan Olympics donated the land and the park. According to Afghan tradition, girls aren’t supposed to be associating with men after adolescence, so in order to keep angry parents in check, they have separate classes for girls and guys.

The author is trying to tell us that in order to create something that can help those who are unfortunate and need help, you have to be brave enough to step up and eventually help will come as long as it’s for a good cause. Oliver was brave by stepping up to help with poor street kids, and when he set his mind to it, other countries and companies started to help him because they thought his cause was a good one.

If I was a street kid and I see a foreigner do something I never saw before I would really want to try it out myself, all the cool tricks I can do on skateboards would really wow my friend. I would also be mad at my own life, why can all the other people be more fortunate than us? I would think the world is a cruel, unfair place.