AoW- Students Take to Twitter to Protest School Lunches

Hmm… is the lunch your school serving good? Do you need to pay more money than necessary for food you’re not even enjoying? Well, in the article, “Students Take to Twitter to Protest School Lunches” by Liz Dwyer, students from Plum Borough District are dissatisfied at the food, AND the price that is needed to be paid. Students are now bringing sack lunches from home because the price of lunch have risen and the students are saying they’re not going to pay more for something that isn’t even worth it. People are starting a twitter protest called #BrownBaggingIt  and alot of people in the school has joined, protesting against high prices and bad food.

I think the author thinks that the food at Plum Borough aren’t enough for the students, usually students needs to purchase 1 to 2 lunches and tons of extras. But if people that wants to play sports need food, this is not enough. But the author is also saying that it’s not the fault of the school, they’re just following the rules of the federal school lunch guidelines. Also, people have no idea how long this trend will last, maybe until the guidelines are changed? This is important to know, if you’re not ‘savvy’ with your school, maybe just start a twitter trend!


If I was one the guys in the twitter trend, I would be glad of what I’ve done, we could make a big impact on the school, and it will be for the greater good. Now I know that students would do everything to try change what they don’t like about their environments, they band together to make the change. There are a lot of things that needs to change about SSIS, maybe if we successfully band together we could somehow make it a better school to learn in.

photo credit: Sakurako Kitsa via photo pin cc