Math 7 “The Wheel”

The high points in math is when the whole class was playing a game and we were all having fun, especially the boy v.s girls in the adding and multiplying game. The low points are when I got a bad grade on math and had to face the wrath of my parents. I learned that looking at answers when I don’t know what to do really helps me know how to solve the problem. What I learned from other people is that Giao likes to ask other people how to solve problems, I guess that’s the same with everyone else. I like apples.


The Common Pixie Fairies

“In a world of dull epicness,
where the moon comes out during the day and the sun comes out during the night,
there inhabits the flightless pixie fairies,
with their battered beautiful wings and their gracefully crippled body.

No, they’re not extinct life,
Their existence is no lie,
Vegetable and fruits to drink,
And having spring water to eat.

They see with their ears, taste with their nose,
Smell with their tongue and hear with their eyes!
Skipping over water, swimming over rocks,
visiting the half-naked hermits.

Flying around the ground,
Running around the sea,
Giggling under water,
And swimming in the air.
And so is the awful good life of the pixie fairies.”

– Tsing Lin Tsai


Scavenger Hunt

For the last few weeks our advisory in school(Purple Spartans) have been competing with other advisories by playing games called Scavenger Hunt.  So how we played it is that we were given a strip of paper with objects or people on it. Our goal is to take pictures of the listed objects and hand it to our supervisors, as fast as possibly. We were given extra points for creative pictures and turning it in the earliest.

New Game Ideas

I’m thinking about a game when a person is climbing a building and objects are being dropped down, it goes forever until the person is hit, the more time you have the more points you get. And when the time reaches a minute and so on the objects would drop faster. I’m going to put a brick wall as a background, then a person in a climbing pose can be my character. He can go up, down, left, right as long as he is avoiding the objects being dropped down from the top. The objects will include household objects like sinks, T.V, etc.

This is my Scratch game screen, Zeus can shoot lightning bolts to destroy the green blocks.