Acid- Base Lab

On this lab experiment we were given three cylinders that are either, acidic, basic or neutral, on a scale from OH scale 0-14. 7 is neutral and the rest are either acidic or base acid. We poured indicators into the unknown liquid, first on was a basic and turned blue. Then 2-3 are acid since it turned yellow. We couldn’t tell the difference between 2 and 3. So we put in standard base to see how many drops was needed for it to turn green. The 2nd one required more drops so we now know 2nd one is more acidic than the third one.


KONY 2012

 Joseph Kony have been abducting children and making a army of them, he needs to be arrested and people are helping by raising awareness by putting up posters, giving out bracelets and just putting posters Kony everywhere so people can know. They act because they want their government to do something about it and they succeeded. But the mission may be aborted so they need to announce to the government and the whole world that  they care. Our class is also helping by raising awareness of Kony by putting up posters everywhere in our school. 2012 is when we must catch Kony and return the kidnapped children to their rightful homes.