Disappearing Frenzy

Bob is pacing around the house when he hears voices just outside his house. The moaning sounds doesn’t stop, so he decides to walk outside to see what is the commotion.

“Stop, stop!”

When he grips and pushes open the door, there is his parents, cooking barbecue. Bob grins and runs forward to join them, but then… the moment he touches his brother he disappeared slowly but surely, he tried to touch every single one of his parents but they too suddenly drifted away. Bob begins to tremble, searching for any signs of life, then he starts to race around, touching everyone he sees. But they all fade into nothing…. Is this some kind of demented mirage? Bob doesn’t know. He’s making pained noises, wailing for everyone to stop playing this horrible prank on him, but he can’t halt it.

“Guys?” He mumbles silently. He is drenched in sweat from the terror.

Strangers are walking around, but Bob don’t care. He only wants to touch someone, something, but the people are always disappearing whenever his tiny fingers touches them. The people are disappearing like mists, spreading out into nothing he can hold or see. Then he is alone.

A few minutes, that’s what it feels like. The minute then seems more terrifying than before.


Para Pensar y Hablar

They are required to study English, mathematics and Spanish. I have Spanish and mathematics, mathemtics is really important so i have to study it. Mathematics is required while you can chose either Mandarin or Spanish. Foreign language is a really good idea ’cause when you grow up you’ll have more chances of getting a job.