Chicken Invasion (FreeWrite 4)

Anchor man: Hello and good morning, have you ever ate a fried chicken with chili powder? If you haven’t, then you have no life, unless you’re an vegetarian so I’ll make an exception. But right now let’s get back to the topic, NYC is attacked by evil chickens and they are eating NewYorkers alive by pecking and stuff. Spiderman is killed and Captain America is making his final attempt to stop the apocalypse! The peoples are desperate and taking shotguns and pitchforks to end the assault. Let’s go to reporter Jennifer and get more detailed explanations, get ready Jeff!

Jennifer: Right now the streets of New York is filled with chaos and Obama has called in airstrikes and S.W.A.T teams and stuff to fend off the chickens. Spiderman is dead and Captain America is on the edge of exhaustion, will America preserve or raze? The question is; who is the man behind the scene, and what will he do next? Have a nice day.

Zombies! (FreeWrite5)

What will you do if some zombie knocks on your door and assaults you with a bloody hand? Well this is what you should do, firsly, you hafta scream like a pig and cry for mommy, but of course at this time she is dead!(Your dad is dead too, keep that in your mind) So then you should run to the kitchen, take a machete, and go into Jason Vorhees mode. Hack, slice, smash, cut and run!!! I mean you’ve ever played Left for Dead while holding an axe? Let me tell you this, you ain’t invincible witht he axe so you should expect some super mutant-ish zombie will jump on you any seconds soon! So you have to run from time to time. It’s in the movies, it’s in the games, it’s in everything, it’s logical. I mean every single time a person tries to kill every zombie, he or she ends up either sinking to the ground because of a zombie or being killed from behind. So the master tip: RUN! But if you have like a bag of sun lights and another bag of super-seeds you probably can hide in a little house and have the plants fight for you. So you’ll need a Winter Melonpult, a Cob Cannon, a few Potato Mines and maybe just a little pumpkins for your defense. A few Umbrellas or Gloom-Shroom and Spike-rocks can help you a lot too! By the way, you’ll need MANY Double Sunflower to kill ALL the wretched zombies!



  1. I studied hard before a quiz or test to get better scores.
  2. Learning activities I enjoyed is the math game Mr. Johnston showed us yesterday, we needed to have a brain to solve problems to finish.
  3. I manage my time by doing homework first before playing on my laptop.
  4. I could improve by spending MORE time on studying instead of gaming.
  5. I get information from Wikipedia’s and stuff.