The Morning Before School (FreeWrite3)

Morning before school? Well apparently, I don’t do very much in the morning, most of my activity is… uh… sleep. So just to let you know, I live really far away from school, like near the airports so I need to wake up early so I won’t be late, so basically I wake up at 5:40 p.m or sometimes 6:00. I do the usual thing, I take a really quick shower, get dressed in school clothes. My usual breakfast is the traditional Taiwanese breakfast, it has eggs in it but I seriously don’t know how to say it in English. After that I’ll brush my teeth and pack up my things. Please note that it’s already 6:40 and I leave in my car at about 6:50. (You’re probably wondering how I memorize all this stuff, well it’s been like this FOREVER and I kind of got used to it) In my car, I do the natural thing, I go to sleep. But I thought sleeping while sitting is pretty hard but I guess I got used to it when I was young. *Snore~ (Ha ha just kidding I don’t snore)

“Specific” Goals

For a goal for a better writing, next time I would have a better beginning for my writings to make it more, “attractive” they say. I’m having this as a goal because Ms. McKinnon said I could have a better opening and that’s exactly what I’m doing, yeah I do have to admit that my beginning is bad since, it doesn’t start with fancy questions or anything, it starts with a pretty lame, “hi”. Yes I know it’s bad but I wasn’t actually focusing on the beginning, you see, my story is like focused on the BODY. It’s filled with cheesy stuff so yeah. How I’m going to change it is to have a question as a beginning and it needs to be descriptive.

This Sunday I… (FreeWrite2)

I woke up in the morning with that stupid sour taste in my mouth, I looked at my watch, it said 6:30. Then you know what I did next? Well I did the obvious thing if you think it’s too early, I went back to sleep.¬† Then right about at 10:00 or something I got up and got myself omelet so i don’t get hungry when it’s time for.. showdown. (Starcraft 2 battle!) I played… then played more… until I finally beaten Strawberry_Lova (A player) in a 1 against 1 battle. It was then 11 o’ clock after the game, I guess my eyes really hurts because just then I stopped playing. I looked at some books for my 40 book challenge and finished I Left My Sneakers In Dimension X. The book was okay, because I haven’t read¬† my first book so then I didn’t really know what they’re talking about, I’m trying yo find the first book so I can enjoy. Well then after I finished the Dimension X thing I bought this sandwich thing to be my lunch. It was actually pretty good, hotdog and ham mixed with this sauce that’s like totally awesome. Then I took out a DVD (The Zoo Keeper) to start watching it. All the way until 2:00 I was enjoying my movie until my mom ruined my perfect having fun streak by saying three words. “Do your homework.” Yep, the ugliest three words I can find in a dictionary, after that I did my homework all the way until I had to eat my dinner at six. Then I booted up Prototype to to finish my missions that haven’t been completed yet. I guess this Sunday has been awesome since I spent less time on the homework, I really enjoyed it.