Virus Name (Freewrite)

You probably don’t know what I’m writing about, but right now I’d trying to think of a virus name because that’s what Ms. McKinnon told us to do so… yeah. But then I don’t actually know what to name it, ’cause right now I’m in the thinking mode. A lot of people in my class wants to call it lame names like Steve, Bob, Charlie and all that GARBAGE. I mean the teacher told us to name it something vicious so I’ll just do that, so just let me think for a few moments so don’t nag me just in case I forget… (Silence) Okay, I got a list of horrible names. Hear this; Alexander the Evil? (Naw, Mr. Alexander is going to kill me) Or the Triceratops? (Stupid dinosaur name) Jason Vorhees? (Nope, too awesome for a virus) Ooh I got it! Let’s name it Freddy Kruger, if you’ve ever watched Nightmare on Elm Street, the burned face of that man enough to turn you into a Spongebob that’s afraid of the dark. Ever watched that episode? Spongebob is so afraid of the dark he turned his house into a light-pineapple, very ironic I know. I mean as long as there is a teensy weensy dark he’ll cover it with a light bulb. (Yes you’re probably wondering, “even in the dark pit of doom in the toilet?”) But then, sorry to disappoint you, the answer is yes.

Battle of the Dead

What if a boy mummy sees a girl mummy? Well I’ll tell you what happens, first the boy mummy recoil in disgust at the sight of the girl mummy. (Hey, wait a moment, since typing boy mummy and girl mummy takes a lot of my precious time, I’ll just call them BM and Gm okay? Stop whining, and be quiet, or the boogie monster will decorate my room with your entrails.) Okay then, the boy would take out a chainsaw from the afterlife and VROOOOOM!!!!! tries to run the mummy over, but his attempts is futile because the GM used Captain America’s shield to block, and everyone knows the shield is like as hard as diamond or something like that. (Oh, just in case your wondering why they have all these abilities, I’ll tell you why. I mean have you ever watched the Tom and Jerry Tale? Tom could pull out hammers from his skin so why can’t zombies? Now be quiet and listen.) After GM blocks the blow of the chainsaw, she jumps up and uses the roundhouse kick to WHAM! knock out the BM. But recovery is quick to the BM, after he finds his footing he takes out a mini gun to practically tear out the shield, you know why the mini gun is so awesome? ‘Cause Arnold Schwarzenegger used that same mini gun in the Terminator 2, plus it shoots out laser so I’m not surprised. BM then used uppercut to knock the GM down, but right after that she flips backward and uses China Lake to practically blows the BM up. But that was a fake balloon mummy she blew up, the real BM is right behind and uses a lightsaber to cut her apart, but while half her body is in the air, she uses RKO to finish the BM. The End.

My Mom Is Gone!

“Oh no! I’ve just lost my mom, what should I do?” Thought six year-old Timmy after a giant wave of doom engulfed her, muffling the cries of terror. “Timmy! Be sure to brush your teeth!” Was her last words and Timmy swore to respect it but he doesn’t know if he would survive to actually do it. Timmy was thrown around like a rag doll by the waves until he lost consciousness. When he opened his eyes, he’s still drifting on the air tube and is both thirsty and hungry. He remembered of his dead mom and start bawling until he couldn’t cry anymore. Timmy doesn’t know what to do because.. well… in the horizon there’s water and more water. (Let’s just say that there is a endless supply of water around Timmy, I could have said more water like a thousand times but you wouldn’t want me doing that wouldn’t you? Because that would be downright annoying) It was like 3 hours of floating and fear of sharks that almost drove Timmy to the edge of insanity when a boat came into view, it was already night and there’s no light on the boat, so it made it eerie, but Timmy is willing to even give away his gumball machine to get on that ship. To him, being on ship=safe, safe=no more floating, No more floating=awesome! But to his surprise there are no burly men with tons of chest hair shouting to help a random six year old, in fact, there is not a single living soul in sight, and that is enough to give you… the shivers. It took awhile to realize that this is the boat Timmy used to be on, ’cause he could see the pretty mermaid head at the bow of the ship, and then… a metal door suddenly opened real slowly… when out stepped A CREATURE OF DOOM THAT EATS CHILDREN FOR BREAKFAST FROM THE UNDERWORLD!!!!!! Scared you didn’t I? Yeah I know I did so stop whimpering like a baby, alright back to the point. Actually no door opened and there is no demon… what! You thought that this is some fantasy? You insane muck! Get away from my realistic fiction and read Cinderella! What… fine! You crazy people want fantasy? I’ll give you that! Then some UFO from Planet X swooped down and had Timmy for a specimen, he got ripped apart like a duck and got killed. The End. Very ironic I know, now go to sleep before you think of it too much and get nightmares, shoo shoo.