If I Had A Million Dollars

Oh man, my friends would flip if I really had a million dollars! Unfortunately, this is just a writing so it isn’t true… well at least for NOW. Well firstly I’ll buy a personal villa with really high security so not even the best burglars could come in and steal my stuff ’cause there would by high voltage electric wires and a police dog named Spike or Flower and Daisies, I don’t know just whatever. Well then I’m going to buy a Ferrari P45 Pinin Farina, or a Pagani FX Roadster because Pagani and Ferrari are the two car brand that i really admire. I’ll also need a private jet ’cause then no one can steal my bathroom just because they’re son need to go really desperately. (Mwahahahahaha) Well then I’m not always so evil, just to be a Mr. Nice Guy I’m going to donate money to famous charities and all that. My room wold be fully packed with computer and XBOX360 games, also a gaming glow in the dark SPENCER keyboard with a huge computer screen and the latest computer monitor. (Kinda like Iron man) Well I’m sort of out of ideas because I’ve said everything I want… so I guess it’s over.