End of Year SAL Reflection

Summarize your learning experiences in IW6.

Well, this semester I learned a lot about story-making and editing other peoples work, it was really interesting, I discovered a lot of fun websites too. Such as ToonDoo to make a comic or Storybird to well… make a story. I’ve also learned about some of the poetry and even made some myself then posted it to my blog. With all these times posting things to my Blog I learned how to use it with ease, embedding, adding images and all that stuff.

Analyze your experiences.

In writing I learned tons of important things like adding a personal voice, grammars, hook and I made many humorous things. I enjoyed the Superhero writing most because it is really fun since I get to make and create my own superhero dude.  The most challenging was the How To…. writing since I really has trouble thinking of my, “strengths” to teach people and I finally came with making hot chocolate and guess what? Mr. Appino thought it was pretty good!!!

What learning can you transfer to other subjects and beyond school?

Using writing skills could really be useful in Language Arts (Humanities) because sometimes Mr. Alexander could tell us to make research report for some character in a book and I would have to type down a lot of stuff so using skills in IW6 would really come in handy.

If you could change one thing in IW6 what would it be?

Well, one thing I would really love to change is I think we should have a little bit more of a free-time like once every week so that we can, “clear our mind” for the next block instead of thinking… well I don’t know.

What else would you like to learn about?

I would’ve liked it if  Mr. Appino would teach us more poems and tell us to write about it because I thought all the current poems he made us do was exciting and I really like to look at other peoples blogs for their poems.

By Travelling Steve