G’day Summer, g’bye friends

By Jaxternator
We’re about to leave SSIS after two weeks, you know what? Make that one more week. I am really excited about summer, I mean there is nothing wrong with a whole day in front of the T.V or sleeping till 12 o’clock! But what’s wrong is that I am leaving all my friends for an ENTIRE two months! That puts shivers down my spine…. not really. But still I hope I can have fun with all of them next year! By the way, I say bye to Haziq Khairi and Rachel Lau, good luck and best wishes!

Excuse Note Poem

Ms Lilly Mall,

Doesn’t like school at all!

People say she is as dry as a prune,

and looks like a baboon.

She is taller than a telephone booth,

even taller than Babe Ruth!

She’s as skinny as straw,

can be knocked over by a cats paw.

Her clothes are as dirty as mud,

people thought it was blood.

She never does her own laundry,

it’s as disgusting as raw poultry.

Her hairs are like worms,

also known as the squirming germ.

Her voice croaks like a frog,

people thought it came from a hog.

She doesn’t sing like a bird,

the thought is absurd!

Her eyes looks wrong, event he color is wrong

Oh no! Is she is the child of King Kong?

She gets F’s in algebra,

in P.E she has no stamina.

A loser in humanities,

her F test fills the city!

They call her Lilly Mall,

the Chilly Hairball.

Some say she is a badger,

others say she’s a poisonous adder

Every time she enters a blog post,

it would be like, “No Comment”.

They tease, they mock, they pinch and hit her with a ball!

That is the dreadful experience of Ms. Lilly Mall

*Please note that this is not meant to be harmful, just made a fun character during class

By Jeff Tabaco

Trash Wars

Trash Wars

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away……. Trash Knights from Universe X of Planet Z are straining to recover what used to be their world. While Evil Doctor Trash-Mouth is straining to pollute the world. (Filling it with trash, I mean) What is the Trash Knights mission? Stopping the evil Doctor Trash-Mouth, but Doctor Trash-Mouth is so powerful they are having a hard time.

Then…. one day a Trash Knight Mike and his mentor Kobi-Wan just received a mission from the most awesome Trash Knight Master Yado! Master Yado is a master in the skills of the Trashsaber. (Signature weapon of a Trash Knight) There plan is to….. sneak inside Doctor Trash-Mouth’s laboratory to destroy his minions(Trash-bots) and bring him to justice. Holo Haze along with Kobi-Wan is off for an adventure! Master Yado promised them support when they sneaked inside the laboratory. He says, “Give you support when you’re inside, I will, luck good!”

The two Trash Knights started to arrange their funerals just in case they don’t return in one piece, “Coffin, check. Flowers, check. Licence of a Trash Knight, check. Trash statue, check! Okay, we’re all ready to go!” Exclaimed Kobi, then got on a Trash Taxi to the laboratory. The two Trash Knights put on their trash armor, paid the trash bills to the trash driver then ignited their Trashsaber. Okay, I’ll repeat it again, (Talk fast!) the two Trash Knights put on their trash armor, paid the trash bills to the trash driver then ignited their Trashsaber. Suddenly, pieces of trash formed together forming two Trash-bots, minions of Trash-Mouth. Oh no!! The two Trash Knights jumped and…. (Sorry people but I need to make this part an action paragraph)
(Mike punches Trash bot No#1!) Whack! (Kobi cut a Trash-bot No#2’s head in half with his Trashsaber!) Pzzzz! (Trash bot No#1 gives Kobi and uppercut!) Wham! (Trash bot No#1 kicks Mike in the stomach) Oof! (Kobi is unconscious!) ZZZZ~ (Mike is mad!) Grr…. ( Mike jumps up and stabs the Trash-bot!) Pzzz! (Kobi wakes up!) *Yawn. (Normal paragraph is back on the scene)

Kobi was really grateful for Mike that he gave him a trash soda. With that, they stormed into the laboratory of smelliness. In their way was millions of trash-bots, Kobi throws an bottle grenade and exterminates them all, but… a huge cage opened up and the Trash beast comes out! Now, the trash beast is Doctor Trash-Mouth’s greatest creation. It can shoot plastic bottles that does great harm, but the Trash Knights haven’t abandoned hope yet, they used their Trashsaber then engaged the Trash beast in battle….. Kobi jumps up and cuts off the Trash beasts nose, then the Trash Beast shoots ,”The Big Bottle Of Doom” at Mike, doing great harm. Then Kobi cuts off the Trash beasts leg. They destroyed the Trash beast, Yippee!

Kobi got Mike out from a mound of trash. But before dying, the Trash Beast left a will,
“ Please go to my wife and say that… uhh….. *Groan…. that I wouldn’t be able to… *Wince… give Johnny a McDonald’s fish burger… I’m sorry….*Hand goes limp. The Trash Knights swore to respect the will and made a phone call to Mrs. Beast and her child Johnny. It wasn’t really pretty… it goes like this….“*Roar! Grr…… Boohoohoohoo!!!!!” *Johnny crying at the background. After that they kicked the trash door open and got trashinated by Doctor Trash-Mouth! (Frozen in trash) “Mwahahahahaha! Silly Trash Knights! You think you can stop me? Not a chance.” Sneered the Doctor, just after that Yado jumps into the scene and engages into a battle with Doctor Trash-Mouth. “Trash-Mouth! Your evil will end right now and right here, face the power of ouch my back!” Hollered Yado in pain. (Sorry guys, the annoying paragraph is coming back)

(Yado punches the Doctor on the nose) WAPOW! (The doctor slaps Yado!) SLAP! (Yado ignites his Trash-saber!) Pzzzzz (Doctor slaps Yado 5 times! And takes out his Blade of Trash) SLAP times 5 (Yado enters a sword fight with the villain) *Side slash! Upper slash! Kick! Thrust! Boom! Moo~ (Yado jumps up like a monkey and cuts the Doctor’s arms in half) “No!!!!” Yelled out the Doctor because he is defeated. (Heroic music)

Yado helps the two Trash Knights out of their filthy binds then brought Doctor Trash-Mouth to the 5-Star jail called, “Jail for Villains.” After that Planet Z returned the planet to how it was before, filled with flowers, butterflies, trees, unicorns, rainbow monkeys, and fairies! (Can you believe that?) What did we learn from this story? Pollution is scary, everyone please recycle or we will end up like Planet Z! By the way, this story is all made up XD