‘De Field Tsing Lin

‘De Field
Tsing Lin 4/17/11
Most people think the field is just a stretch of land covered in grass. They’re partly right, but the field actually contains a whole lot more. When I step into a field, I can hear birds chirping and leaves are on the ground that has a crackling sound when you step on them, and the screaming of all the children over there that are playing. But, sometimes I don’t only see the green short grass, but all the little animals like earthworms or maggots that are wriggling around. If I look real close, huge fire ants are crawling on trees that makes them look real dangerous, or the jungle gym from our ES Field at SSIS. I can feel the prickly grass beneath my feet and the rough surfaces of the tree, and if it is a sunny day I can feel rays of light warming on my back. I smell leaves and grass, together they make a dry, clean air the affects the field a great deal.

By net_efekt