The Awesome Hamburger

You ever wondered how it would be like to have awesome superpowers? Well I do! My name is The Hamburger(That’s what the silly and fat reporters call me on the news) and I have the power of flight. I’m really sorry that I don’t have wings, I know that when you think of someone that flies they have wings. It really good against enemies because I can always lift them up while flying and slam them against a wall or something like that. And if they have some kind of a gun I would fly around dodging the bullets, get some kind of objects and whack them on the head. I could also use my agility to dodge attacks. My daily routine is actually pretty normal, no more different than a normal person. Except when I see some burglars or terrorists in the News that I would put on my awesome superhero outfit. (By the way, my Superhero outfit is a really cool one, I’ll describe it for you, well there is this big hole at the side from a scratch from a cat, a mask that is kinda like Batman’s, and a cape from Afghanistan laying on the ground filled with sewer water P.S it smells) After putting that on I’ll go out to teach them a lesson, like blowing up their get away car. Then they’ll cower in fear at the corner after I fly around with their helpers in my hands smashing into the glass window. After that I would just fly away without people noticing me. Then the rest of my day is normal unless there are more thugs on the T.V. Okay, if you could choose any Superhero who would you choose? Me of course, The Hamburger!

By MrStaticVoid

How To Writing

Have you ever wanted to make something to drink that is sweet and tasty? This is easy! Just make a cup of hot chocolate! Okay, the first step of what you need to do is to buy a bag of cocoa and marshmallows at your nearest store. I strongly recommend either Swiss Miss or Ovaltine. After that, boil some hot water then take out your cup. Rip open the bag of your cocoa powder then pour it all in your cup. Then fill the cup with hot water. If you want it sweet, pour less water. If you want it less sweet, pour more water, or you are so obsessed with sweet stuff that you could put two spoonfuls of sugar inside! Also, if you want something that is sweet and chewy, then put marshmallows inside! It really mixes well with hot chocolate. Stir it with a tiny spoon or another utensil until it turns brown, guess what? Presto! You just made yourself a cup of hot chocolate! So enjoy!

By The Infatuated

ESLR Writing

ESLRs are one part of the most important in our school . Mostly because it includes how we act and how we should act. There is Academic Excellence, which is trying your best. Sense of Self, be yourself. Respect for All, which is being respectful for everything and everyone. Balance In Life, try all kinds of different things to balance your life. Dedicated Service, helping people who are in need.
I identify Academic Excellence for trying my best at trying my best at different things like sports, especially basketball. Also Balance In Life because I always balance my activity, like right after doing my homework I would play video games.
You should always try to demonstrate these ESLRs, Dedicated Service and Respect For All. I would show Dedicated Service by helping everyone who are in need. Finally would show Respect For All by being nice to everything and everyone by helping them. Everyone could probably reach their goal, my goal is buying a Ferrari by demonstrating on of the ESLRs. Which Academic Excellence, all I need is to try hard to reach fortune and stuff.
ESLR Writing Process
By glsims99