Tsing Lin’s Journal Entry #2 24/1/2010

So today, right at 3 o’ clock, I had Spanish Club for ECAP so then I thought of it as fun, but then the one who showed up was only Cindy, so then… yeah. At first we had to wait for Mr. Medina ‘cause he was at the other building and then it takes some time to get over here. Well, me and Cindy waited and we talked about, “Reborn!” when I saw Mr. Medina downstairs with a cup of coffee. I plan to scare him but… well… it failed. We went inside the classroom and had a conversation, I didn’t think that I remembered the words so then we played Dominoes, it was the most horrible defeat I ever tasted, Cindy won 3 times, Mr. Medina 2, while…. I won…… 0 times. Okay fine Cindy, I admit that I lost fair and square, but next time you won’t be so lucky. XD

A Dinner Of Hot Pot

Journal Entry No.3 Feb. 5th, 2011
Today I was wandering around Taipei city with my sister to look for something to eat, it was 6:30p.m so then I was actually kinda hungry, until we found a restaurant that serves hot pots and all you can eat, there were all different kinds of meat that was put inside refrigerators. One person cost 500 yen. So then my sister got a seat for us and we started taking all the things from the refrigerator that was wanted in the hot pot. At first I grabbed a coke and then took TONS of pork and beef, I dumped it into the hot pot when it started to bubble then I took it out about 15 seconds later, at that time my sister took out the sauces that she made herself then I dipped the meat inside the sauce and took it in in one bite, oh, the glorious taste in my mouth made me feel like I was in heaven ‘cause I was really hungry at that moment. After we were full with pork and all that, we paid the bills (Actually my sister did, ‘cause I don’t have a career so then I don’t get my own salary monthly) I then went home to kick back and relax, actually I went home to play video games. 😛

By monstro