End Of Semester No. 1

During Integrated Computer Technology we learned all about different kinds viruses on computers and how to type appropriately and fast, we were also introduced to different kind of fun websites like Scratch, Glogster, type racer and many more about our learning. I would miss Integrated Computer Technology because it’s a really fun class during the odd days of the schedule.

I really enjoyed Glogster, type racer, SSIS blog because we could make our own wall, race against each other of our classmates, and because we could post our recent work and all that. The most difficult thing is the scratch project because it was kind of hard to create the animations and create a story.
I learned to post pictures on posts and all that since I’ve been doing it on posts and stuff. I also learned how to defend my computer by downloading Anti Viruses.
If I could change one thing about Integrated Computer Technology is that I hope to have more free time of our own or something like that. I would really want to learn about what kind of Anti Viruses are good for my computer instead of containing Trojan horses that’s going to affect my computer.