Learnings on Astronomy Proj.

For the project on astronomy, I chose the topic of extraterrestrial life. My question was if aliens have a possibility of existing. Due to the fact that this topic isn’t very easy to research on. I focused on theories and possibilities. I studied what a planet requires for life forms to live on it, and searched for planets or moons with the ability. This caused me to raise possible planets that can support life. Overall, I learned a lot from this project, it’s probably because of my interest in the topic and because it’s also a mystery that probably will take a long time to solve.


Intro to B-Ball

I want them to dribble the ball carefully like a scientist handles concoctions,

or fly across the basketball court.

I say step on the court and drive to the basket,

or dribble around your opponent,

and find a rhythm to your passes.

I want them to leap up high toward the basket,

smiling at the crowd cheering for you.

But all they do is ignore the fun, adrenaline and mistreat the sport.

All they want is the gold around their necks.


Factory Collapse Aftermath

In Bangladesh a factory making international garment has collapsed due to poor labor condition and a horrible construction regulation. Because of the lack of money to make it a better working condition, they ignored the unsafe structural design and carried on in having the workers work. This poor decision ultimately resulted in the collapse of the factory which caused numerous deaths and casualties. This situation relates to recent factory collapses like the 1860 collapse of Pembertons Mill. The mill has been marked as unsafe due to the weak columns… over time the columns cracked which caused the whole building to be brought down. In truth, factories tend to mistreat their workers just for their own gain. Like factories disliking the expenses spent on the workers then firing all of them just to have new batches sent in.

The authors purpose of this article is to spread the word that a lot of factories are unfair and we, as a society should do everything in our power to stop them by applying pressure on these unfair factories. We can do that by using social medias and rioting against the factory. But not all factories are like this, there are few like Levi Strauss who treat their workers as best as they can.

As a person part of the community, I will be more thoughtful of unfair treatment towards workers and try to help them. True, it may not affect me in any way at all because the collapse is miles away, but they’re sacrificing their life for things as simple as clothing. To not have this happen again we need to support these workers and help them out as best as we can.


Independence of Tsing Lin

In life, people meet those that makes their lives a living hell. It becomes necessary for the people to make it clear to the other person that all connections should be cut and no interactions should be made in attempt to avoid nastiness. This declaration will make everyone understand the burden one creates under themselves when in the face of the most terrifying creature on earth… their little cousins.

Everyone is created equal and should have rights in life that makes them a true human being. But… in this case, all rights are ignored by this hideous creature. It violates my very existence and that makes it necessary for oneself to declare independence and be free.

1. It has constantly annoyed me for a long period of time nonstop without end.

2. It has wrongfully taken or used my property without my consent.

3. It has been ignoring direct orders from me just to satisfy his own evil cause.

After all this torment caused on me, I’ve decided to try to talk this out with, to try to make this devils spawn understand. However, my words have either reached a deaf ear or a resilient and cold heart. My appeals have been ignored and responded with further demonic smiles and evil comebacks.

I, therefore, am taking matters in my own hands and declaring my independence. In the name of all that is good I declare freedom from this fiends grip. I’m willing to pledge my very sanity for this freedom.

Civilians gets in way of the F.B.I

BOOM! In Boston a bomb went off and killed 3 people while injuring hundreds more. This disaster created a hot topic for people around and videos are released of car chases and gunfights. In a website called Reddit.com caused people to falsely accuse each other and that becomes a threat to the public. Reddit is website that allows you to post anything for others to see. At this point everyone is going through security surveillance and trying to crack the case of who is behind this bombing. As critics say, “I’d take thousands of people over a select few very smart investigators any day,” but what is actually happening is that while people are trying to solve this… wrong accusations can come up and the accused becomes a wrongfully targeted victim which is dangerous. This forced the F.B.I to post the pictures of the two brothers a few days earlier to avoid further violence. If the people weren’t getting in the way and trying to be Holmes, the police would be able to arrest the brothers in a more discreet manner. But because of the people, they had to post the pictures up which is like sending a flare saying, “We know you guys did it and we’re after you.” Without the element of surprise, the police had no chance of catching them by surprise. And without surprise it’s possible the people forced the police into a gunfight that caused a death of a officer.

The author wrote this article to give a shine on this event, on how people can be troublesome in these events and how it impacted the police in this particular affair. He did this by indicating how the people reacted the bombing and what they did. The author showed the problem and the results, but the inference of the people forcing the police into the gunfight was just an inference to the details the author is showing me.

Receiving this article shows me that the police are there to help and we can also help, but that doesn’t mean that we try to help them int he general answers. We can help them by providing information for them, shady people we saw and that kind of stuff. To go online and falsely accuse each other just becomes a burden for the police. We need to leave the real detective work to the police and the apply info to them without getting in in the way.small__4777098024



It wasn’t so long ago that the army of Rome forced me into submission.

Promised with land and freedom through a insidious smile, I find myself betrayed with a kiss.

Slavery haunts me, and chains and shackles bound me to anguish of spirit.

Battles are inevitable, as swords are forced into my hands and other slaves are pushed in front of my very eyes.

From then I are forced to draw blood for life so dear.

The Romans watch from height, cheering for the blood I draw, laughing at my pain.

Attempts to flee are in vain, for in the end I only feel whip upon flesh.

Hugging the delusive phantom of hope, I constantly hope to reconcile with freedom.

Day by day, I am thrusted upon the sands, facing formidable adversaries willing to take my life for glory.

Every second count in the arena and I must stay vigilant if I want to maintain my fragile life hanging on a string.

For every victory I beseech the tyrannical Emperor to let me spare the life of my foe, for we are brethren.

But as always, my illusions of hope are shattered when I see the downturned thumbs.

As years pass, the accumulation of despair, anger, and violence finally lets me indulge into the glory of battle.

Until it transforms me into a fully fledged gladiator.


Spreading Racism Through facebook?

Facebook is now the worlds largest social media, people are all using this social media to communicate and share. It’s a great way to spread news to people around the globe. But a raising question is, does it affect the way racism is spread? A group of researchers studied a number of Internet users, they told the users to read a Note Page of facebook. The Note Page contained a letter that was written by Jack Brown, the message was a superiority message, showing how black and white individuals act and how they differ, and that the whites are superior to the blacks. The saw how the Internet users would react to the post, and what they would do about it. Study is shown that the Internet users wouldn’t take action and wouldn’t find the post offensive, they show a positive attitude towards the post because they need a place to belong in socially.

The author wrote this article to show what social medias are like and how they are connected to racism. By doing that the author wrote down how the researchers proved is social medias really spread racism. It gives us a insight on how people are using social medias as a power to insult others, and since people to feel included they are often joining in the post.

Knowing what social medias can do to us, we must know that be preventing racism spreading we need to make it stop. Whenever we see a post like this we need to act and think of how we can efficiently prevent this, whether it’s by telling the user that’s insulting to stop or we can report them. Either way, seeing hurtful remarks to someone else isn’t cool and we all need to do anything we can to help them.


HIV Virus Cured!

A baby infected with HIV is undergoing intense treatment, being dosed in antiretroviral drugs, 18 months later, the baby withdrew from the drugs treatment. When the baby came back, doctors expected a high rise in the level of virus, instead, the results came back with negative levels of virus in the baby’s system. We may have a way of curing HIV. A mother arrived at a hospital, she didn’t see a doctor during pregnancy and din’t know she was infected with HIV, when test results showed that she had HIV the baby had to be transported the Mississippi for treatment. With aggressive treatment the viral levels in the baby were really small. Until the mom stopped going to the hospital after 18 months. 5 months later the baby was brought back in and all the virus in the baby has gone. The baby has been cured.

Author wrote this article to spread the word that a cure for HIV might be possible if treatment goes this way at a young age. HIV has been killing a lot of people by disabling the immune systems, this way people born with HIV can have a chance of living. This discovery means a lot on earth and the author just wants to show us what this could mean.

This article connects to everything, with a possible way of curing HIV the population would grow because people don’t have to die because of HIV anymore. This can connect to my life as well, I might have someone close to me infected with HIV, but then with the ability to cure HIV the one close to me don’t have to die and can have a peaceful life.

Socratic seminar reflection

During class we tried something a bit different, rather than just writing down a response for a article like we usually do, we instead sat in a circle and shared with our whole class of our thoughts on this article, this was to start conversations so it acts like a response article. During our conversations the best point made was the one asking about how is modern slavery still existent, a lot of people, including me, contributed to that. I said that it’s usually in the poorer countries, because they don’t have the money and power to gain control over their country, and since it’s a poor country they probably have to deal with bigger issues like riots, droughts or whatsoever. Besides, the slave owners probably has some power over the government.

I contributed to most of the question that I thought was interesting and I was enabled to answering them, one of the questions I contributed to was the question of why is the group only able to save one kid from fishing villages and not all of them, and how did they save him. I contributed to that question by saying that the Free the Slaves group probably had some support by charity and donations. And by using that money they were probably able to take the boy back.

My thought of this group conversation is overall pretty nice. Of course, we weren’t exactly extremely enthusiastic and jumping about the room answering questions and talking. There are a few moment of awkward silences but since it’s our first time it’s normal, but if I had to rate it it’ll be a 7 out of 10. Reasons are, we had some pretty strong conversations starters and some of us are willing to answer them enthusiastically, plus Ms. Richert only had to remind us once or twice of who isn’t speaking, so overall good.