WWW 2K14

Trembling as I reached the top of the staircase I watched as others went first in a single file. The sight was breath taking; never have I seen groups of trees clustered in most poetic way. Often I missed the hustle and bustle of the city and my “non-squat” toilet at home but there was nothing more serene than where we were right then. Timid at first because of my pathological fear of heights I inched forward little by little, scared that if I went to fast I’d be flung over the sides of the canopy, so I clutched on tight. But bridge after bride I found myself skimming my hands across the rope handles. When reaching the end I wanted to go again, realizing that this was better than any wifi connection waiting for me back at home.



Basketball Poem

The ball is heavy, heavier than a soccer ball at least

So they hold it up

Then put it down as if its a ball of metal


At least hear the rhythm of the ball


I say drop the ball

It’ll come back to you like a magnet


Try to walk in on the ball’s thoughts

Its only thought is to come back to the palm of your hands


I want them to fly

across the smooth gymnasium floor

Bow to the basket before making the final blow


But all the want to do

Is fancy tricks

And if they can’t do it on the first run, they leave.


They begin beating the backboard with the ball,

leaving bruises and sores.To try to score,

for only the thing that matters to them is glory, nothing more



Everyone should have the rights to be curious

Dear Bartow Police Department and Bartow High School Principal, Ronald Pritchard,


I am an eighth grade student currently attending Saigon South International School located in Vietnam. In the article,”Want Kids to Become Scientists? Don’t Arrest Them For Experimenting” By Liz Dwyer my interpretation of the story is that you’re possibly placing a 16 year old High School student who goes by the name of Keira Wilmot in jail. Charging her with  “possessing or discharging weapons or firearms at a school sponsored event or on school property and making, possessing, throwing, projecting, placing, or discharging any destructive device.” For recreating a popular on-Youtube experiment of which she mixed toilet bowl cleaner with aluminum foil in a plastic bottle as she was curious to what would happen.

In the article I find that the author suggests mostly that this case is based Kiera Wilmot’s gender and her race. The evidence to this is that the author suggests that this has been going on youtube for quite sometime as a popular science experiment. Other science experiments that similar to this is also the coke and mentos experiment that most of the kids have wanted to try, or tried once in their life, as they are curious about the results. The author also has recruited some scientists statements as they also approve of the science experiment saying that every scientists has in their life blow up or destroyed something, so this comes to no surprise. So why put adult charges on a 16 year old girl, when in the public’s perspective she did nothing wrong?

I find it inquisitive as to why you’re putting Kiera Wilmot in jail when there are about 2,810 results on youtube doing such experiments yet they’re getting away with it and she is being punished about it. Which leads me to wonder is this matter about her race or her gender? If that is the case this leaves innocent black and especially black and female civilians at stake, as this rain of terror keeps going on arresting people who do not deserve to be punished or arrested. Let me ask you this if a “white, american boy” did the exact same experiment as Kiera Wilmot will he be punished as severely as she is? Coca-Cola, chocolate chip cookies, and yellow sticky notes were experiments gone wrong, yet they turned out to be something beneficial to us. Although in Kiera Wilmot’s case, the science experiment wasn’t something that could be beneficial for us, arresting kids for their curiosity, or interest in science can stop the world from inventing new things that can prove valuable to us. I am not pointing fingers at you, because to be upright with you I wasn’t there when this happened, I don’t know what really happened, I am just seeing this from the media’s point of view, and the intention of this response is only if the reasons I listed above are true. I hope you take my point into consideration, and the hope that you won’t put Kiera in custody instead allowing her to go back to school as a normal student.





Declaration of the United Classes of Saigon South International School


In the course of our lifetime, we believe that it is only fair to break bonds from one another when the time comes. We, the student body accept as true that we have been neglected long enough that we must break the ties between us and the school. Although SSIS has been a huge stepping stool in our future successes, we as kids still need our free will as the school rules have become too firm. Before our break up, and taking $25,000 out of your bank account let us explain ourselves and justify our actions.

Declaration of Rights:

We believe that we as human beings have the rights to control most of the aspects of our significantly short lived lives. As the rights were bestowed upon us by the Creator at the second of birth, the right of liberty, life and the free pursuit of happiness. A rulebook about 50 pages long, and only about 10 ounces in weight has already crushed our liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness. Schools are established for a safe, fun, well-rounded place for kids to establish a sturdy healthy future, yet with these strictly enforced rules not much could be said or done about our learning methods. Therefore if the kids are in charge we will make school a more fun environment for everyone, yet still have some of the needed rules enforced and come up with our individual learning strategies, as only we, know ourselves better than anyone else.

List of Grievances:

We don’t want to disrespect anyone in the process of our break up, but things have come to a point where we have to speak up for ourselves. I would like to clarify that we do not loathe nor despise SSIS and its teachers, as for some of us including myself SSIS has became my second home. But as times get rough, with such a long time line of unwarranted treatment you leave us no choice.

– Our uniform, I.D cards, netbook bags leave us nowhere to show our individuality and qualities as it makes us looks like mindless drones in your control. The only parts of ourselves that we are able to represent is our shoe, bags and hair. Which is why I think that we should be able to have casual wear once or twice a week.

– You imprison us from the use of our school grounds, the elementary playground to be exact as we are only allowed to set foot on it on Wednesdays in a 45 minute time frame not minusing the time that we need for us to eat.

– Our school is over priced as the lunches increase money every year, last year we complained about our over priced lunch and you told us that you would change the caterers yet you changed it to something even more expensive.

– Our personalities/ judgements are based on our grades/ GPA/ and test scores

– We need more social school activities like fundraisers to prove to the student body how lucky and privileged we are and at the same time help out others in need.

– We should support our school sports team more, I think that we should be able to skip classes on city tournaments day to support our sports team. I also think that MRISA should be free as we are volunteering to represent our school.

– We should have two WWW, one at the beginning of the year so that we can get to know each other better and bond before school starts getting intense and one at the end of the year as it gives us something to look forward to for the rest of the year.

– The rules are too strictly enforced, leaving us no room to make mistakes, as we go around walking in fear as we are too scared about making a mistake, no matter how small. Sometimes being tardy in a fraction of a minute still counts as a tardy, or bringing your bag in class, or not having your netbook bag can get you in trouble, which I think is unnecessary to enforce such small things to such a mannor.

Statements of prior attempts to redress grievances:

Mutiple attempts have been made by the student body as some issues have been resolved like being able to use the elementary playground, although we are only allowed to on wednesdays it is still a huge accomplishment for the student body. The number of dances also has been increased to three dances per year, which we are really happy about, but there are still some grievances that I have listed above that still haven’t been able to reach through to you. We complain to you on several attempts as a few others have tried last year, writing letters like mine to you, as you have responded to some of the issues but still leaving some behind, which is why I would like to adress you about it and finish the chain of unfinished events up.

Declaration of Independence:

Therefore, we the students of SSIS assembled secretly on the top of the spider web *NOT ON WEDNESDAY* decided that we must break free in the name of our Creator. We declare in the name of the Student body free and independent! As we have listed our grievances above, from how you take away importance aspects of our lives in example of representing us for who we are not, you have re enforced rules too strictly that we cannot budge without fear, you bring up the prices that we must pay to add in the huge piggy bank that you already have. We’re being faced with choices we must make, to this extent you give us no choice but to break the chains of bonds, the long line of pinky promises and go our own way. Even if we have to put up our dignity, faith, honor and our tet money. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

united states

AOW: Boston Marathon Bombing

“I’d take a thousand people over a select few very smart investigators and day” quoted one moderator of the Boston suspect hunting subReddit. In the article “F.B.I released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post” F.B.I concluded that its time to “fend off the Reddit and the New York Post” meaning the F.B.I is trying to stop the false victim accusations and the unnecessary rumors being spread on the Reddit and the New York Post. Earlier last week two bombs were set up at the end of the finish line of the Boston marathon, where thousands of participants and bystanders stood after a tiring race. While the F.B.I were doing their jobs diving head first into any leads they get, amateur detectives on the Reddit and the New York Post are also doing the same, but instead of posting what is suppose to be “the truth” readers and bloggers only posted speculations and false accusations and information only to add confusion to the case.

The author emphasized the reasons why the FBI had to publicize the brother’s identities, for if the don’t amateur detectives will “only added confusion to the case.” As the author repeated on several occasions of how if the F.B.I did not post the pictures of the brothers “their manhunt would become a chaotic free for all.” The author’s statements on amateur sleuthing lead me to think about what if the amateaur sleuthing wasn’t happening, woud they have caught the brothers early on of later on? The author’s ending statement, and I quote “another example of cops being cops and succeeding when we needed them the most.” Sums up the author’s point of why the FBI opted to post the pictures of the brothers.

I applaud the citizens of the United States as they have supervised the whole case from day 1, as they have given their full time and attention to their fellow citizens, trying their best to break open the case. Although amateur sleuthing did not prove helpful this time, I wonder if it will be proven beneficial in the near future. But will the amateur sleuthing end after the shame of false accusations and public awareness of the situation? Someone once told me ”curiosity is what kills the cat yet in all of its nine lives it comes back still curious about what killed it each time.” Curiosity will never go away which lead me to conclude that amateur sleuthing will also never fully go away, although after this event the amateur sleuthing numbers will definitely lower in my opinion with the shame and guilt being carried around on the blogger’s back. Amateur sleuthing might be proven helpful in the future but for now people might been hurt in someway by the false accusations. I’m glad that the brothers have been caught and I hope that justice will come to those who got killed or injured.



Patrick Henry inspired That is why I have my homework turned in everyday (:

No homework, no homework
Oh that would be great
Forbid it, Almighty god as it takes up my day
As our noble struggles and work habits start decay
We must fight to be free, like the kids in Germany
They have averted the storm, being free for two years
Already in the battle field as I pick up my pen
As friends help us fight our battles from essay to essay
From Algebra to Humanities, Science, oh what a pain
They tell us sir, that we are weak so we must fight to prove them wrong

Oh homework, Oh homework
I hate you, you stink
As you make me indulge the fond hope of peace
I wish that you would become a deceased
You make gentlemens cry like a newborn baby boy
You try to win our love saying that it will prove helpful in the future
Let us petition, let the kids have the throne, let us sing and dance instead of sitting like a drone
Homework has gathered its strength and piled up my desk day by day, so much that I can’t even hold it up so it shall stay

Excuses, excuses my mother would say
Mother, I told you that I finished my homework yesterday
Well…Almost, but my hamster ran away and gave me a fright
So I chased after him before the car on the street got there first, because that won’t be a pretty sight
I dropped my homework while making dinner
As I dropped my math book in, it was too late the water started to simmer
I threw my essays and notebooks in because I thought oh well dinner and no homework? Win-win.
In vain I realized that the homework is 110 points oh what a pain.
For the last ten years I’ve been trying and I realized that all my hard work was just thrown away
So I sat there watching my paper decay
As I shut my eyes against the painful truth
I realized that my next ten years will be spent at the Mcdonald’s food booth

I went to school next day with my homework in my hand
And my teacher bent down and held it in her hand
My teacher said that my homework looked like it was written by a 99 year old man
She started to nip and bite little by little
She was eating my homework as if it was a piece of brittle
She turned to me and said “Oh you’re such a great chef”
Although that was a great meal, you still getting an F.
Have the paper turned in tomorrow
Or I’ll eat you up and let your family mourn in sorrow
So kids that is why I hand in my homework so early everyday
As I am afraid that this would be my last day
Before my teacher eats me up, thats just my price to pay
For not having my homework done today



Spreading Racism via Facebook

“Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.” As one of the leading social media groups, the number of Facebook users is astounding as about 1.06 billion monthly users and about 680 million mobile users. As Facebook is used for spreading good messages like donating money to the Red cross program or spreading negative things like racial messages. An example of this is in the article “Spreading Racism via Facebook” as a disturbing discovery Facebook has been used to spread racist messages said a newly published study. Tests show that “Agreement and positive attitudes are driven by a need to belong and connect with others.” Most users use Facebook as a way to connect with others and entertainment but the minority of Facebook users who use Facebook as a way to express their opinions and use the site for information seeking say that they were more likely to reject racist messages. But whether this is true or not everyone wants to be accepted “critical thinking is often absent when people are motivated by the desire to be accepted, or to be entertained.”

The message being sent through this article is how social media can influence you or likely make you susceptible to things like racism. With Facebook users population growing day by day, we have to realize whatever we write or post or share out on our account others can view. Sending negative messages out in public means other Facebook users are at risk of seeing it and sending, sharing or posting a negative racial comment too. With everyone in this world having that craving deep down to always want to feel accepted by others and to feel superiority over the other race, we feel the need to be included in trends. Though you don’t accept the message as true, you’re too preoccupied with the thought of being accepted that your thoughts don’t even matter to you anymore; it all goes out the window.

My thoughts on this article is that this is true, racial posts on Facebook can be received even when the person posting the post half way around the world, and you don’t even have to know that person for you to be able to view the post. With Facebook being such a large media organization negative messages can be passed from all over the world. Facebook users spending an average of 10.5 minutes per day, and with so many Facebook users, Facebook could become the third most populated country in the world. With posts getting hundred of thousand of likes messages spread fast, even though they are negative or positive. What we can do to stop Facebook racism is to treat everyone as an equal. The problem of all this is that people want to be liked, people want to feel superior, but if we treat everyone as an equal there would be no such problems. This article reminds me of the “I had a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, if we made it so white people and black people can finally live in harmony together in America we can do this too!




small_4866638272 In the baby’s first month of life, five tests can back positive for HIV, which was transmitted from the newborn’s birth mother, who had given birth to her son/daughter prematurely. During the nine months of pregnancy no check ups or tests were taken, but shortly after her baby was born, she was informed that she was carrying HIV and had transmitted it to her newborn. After thirty hours after birth the doctors determinedly tried saving the newborn’s life, treating the newborn with antiretroviral drugs. At a month old the viruses were undetectable, and by eighteen months the newborn was no longer vigorously fed with drugs. Five months later all the tests came back negative making the baby the second person to be cured from HIV, aside from Timothy Brown also a HIV patient who received a bone marrow implant while he was in his middle ages.

The message that was being sent out through this article is that, this is possible. Although two out of millions of people who had been infected with HIV had fully been cured, we now have two successful cases that all the medical research can be based on to get there. Another important message being sent through this article is “hope”, simply “hope”. Without cases like these once in awhile, we as humans would naturally puts our hands in the air and give up. But cases like this is the reason why we keep pushing and trying.

My overall feeling of this article is overwhelming and exciting, this is only the second case that had been fully cured from HIV! With new medical research now based on this imagine how many more children’s lives can be saved? By my reasoning pregnant mothers should go visit the doctor at least twice before they are due, and the latest check up should be six weeks before the baby is due, because you need at least six weeks for the drugs to be effective. With mothers who can’t afford the medical bills, insurance should step in for the sake of the mother and her newborn’s welfare. I hope more medical miracles will shed light upon us soon as there are many other incurable diseases that people are fighting everyday!

Socratic Seminar (:

The best point made during the socratic seminar was “if slavery is illegal, then why does it go unstopped by the government?” This stirred up more questions about the country’s economics and how we “need” the slaves for what we have right now. Everyone lives on money, and if the country loses its main providers for income and the welfare of the people, does a couple of slaves lives even matter to the people ? I agreed with this question because if we don’t have the manufacture companies that we do now, how is this going to affect our welfare? But at the same time this just means that our value for someone’s life has decreased and that someone sacrificing their life unwilling has no meaning anymore. That question was left unanswered, in my opinion its because people don’t know whether what they have is more important to them or ruining someone’s life. It might feel harsh but some items to some people feel that you can’t live without.

I think that I would obligate to be in the category of one of the top contributors because I brought up the point where, does one’s life matter more than an object’s? This lead to questioning the value of a person’s life which caused more and more discussions about whether we need slavery, or can we live without it ? Another top contributor in my opinion is Chaz because he questioned us about how we would feel if we were slaves ? That brought up a lot of emotion from the group because would we want to sacrifice our life for another person that we don’t know well being ? Which caused us all to think how maybe your favorite pillow is not so important anymore, how you gold bracelets might not have as much value compared to a person’s life and how we would feel sacrificing our life for something that is maybe not so important. Another huge contributor is Sammy because he shared his feelings towards how to stop modern slavery, which brings up the government once again, as we go more in depth about the country’s economy and why the government isn’t already taking action.

My overall feel for the socratic seminar was great, because with a socratic seminar we are able to see what everyone feels about your opinion and how they agree or disagree with it. While in a written response its more of a one sided story because its our opinion and we’re not able to see other people’s opinion and how they feel towards it. Being in a socratic seminar, you get to see other people’s perspective and consider things that you haven’t considered before, which brings up the fact that during a socratic seminar you are able to learn more. And ideas start to sprout which leads to arguments which leads to you maybe viewing the topic differently. And if the conversation is really in depth it helps you understand the topic a lot better. To conclude this I would like to say that the socratic seminar is more enjoyable than just a normal written response, it was interesting seeing different perspectives and I hope to do this again soon!

37 dead in Egypt riots after verdict in soccer deaths

Over a year of violence after the fight started between two rival soccer fans last February led to much more than a soccer match as number of deaths and injuries are rising. In the Article “37 dead in Egypt riots after verdict in soccer deaths” by USA today, the streets of Egypt have been flooded by angry protestors starting a riot about the 21 death sentences after about a year of discussion about last year’s soccer incident. The two day riot has left 48 people dead including 11 people killed when protestors and the police clashed. Two officers were shot by angry relatives and adding two more local soccer players to the number of deaths during the riot.

The author seems to be as overwhelmed as we all are about this situation, although this is more of a informative article instead of a commentary one the author quotes a lot of tragic quotes from the leading leaders of Egypt expressing concern. As the author quotes “Any revolution is like an earthquake, with aftershocks,” Sadek said. “So we have aftershocks continuing from time to time, and the country will be very unstable for at least four to five years.”

In my opinion I don’t get why the people are fighting for 21 people. Why are they standing up for the 21 people that are the most possible causes to the soccer melee last year ? If I were them I would be happy and feel safe that the people starting that soccer melee won’t be starting another one anytime soon. My connection to this article is that it is exactly like me and my sister fighting. At first we might be fighting about something small like maybe who gets the last cookie in the jar, but soon it can progress into something more. For like example bringing our parents into it and asking who gets the cookie, and whoever I parent says gets the last cookie one of us might be like “So you favor her more ? Wait she got the last marshmallow last time, or her friends came over last week and mine didn’t” and it would lead on to more and more fights, until we finally compromised. So I get how the fight started and how it became a larger problem than it is, but maybe like me and my sister it could be as simple as compromising !