Science Project Reflection

In science class we had to do presentation about astronomy. My topic is about living in space, in the International Space Station. My question was “How would living in space with 0 gravity affect the health of humans?”. I explained about 0 gravity, what it really meant, and how it doesn’t really exist. I also explained about how living in weightless environment can effect the body, like how the body fluids are not controlled. How it moves freely resulting chubby face, bad vision and more. I also talked about how the bone and muscles become smaller due to the lack of use. From doing this I have learned a lot such as the muscle loss. I was surprised at the amount of muscle that is lost in space. Something I could have done better is probably spoke a little clearly to my listeners about the 0G effect. Over I think my presentation wasn’t too bad, it was a pretty fun project to do and I have definitely learned a lot through this project.

Awesome Magical Dumplings

I’m not a big fan of dumpling. But when it comes to Chinese New Year, my mom, aunt and grandma gets together and makes dumpling. I don’t like it THAT much, but as a child I was forced to eat a lot, because my grandma said I looked skinny. I remembered trying to help out and making my very first dumpling, it was rectangular and looked disgusting. Anyways, I have risked my life and flew all the way to Taiwan to meet my grandma and ask for the ancient recipe. The recipe was in ancient Chinese text. I then went to Northern China to learn Chinese so I could translate the ancient text. I’ve spent 5 years working at a local laundry store to pay for Chinese lessons.In the end, I have done it, for all you guys out there who wants to know the secret recipe. Here it is.

The Dough:
-3 cups of flour
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-1 1/4 cups water

-1 cup ground pork
-3 tablespoon sesame oil
-1 tablespoon soy sauce
-1 teaspoon salt
-1/4 teaspoon freshly grounded pepper
-1 1/2 cups finely shredded Napa cabbage
-1 tablespoon Chinese rice wine
-3 tablespoon sesame oil
-1/2 onion, finely minced
-1 garlic, peeled and cut into small pieces
-4 tablespoons shredded bamboo shoots

Mix the dried dough ingredients together into a bowl. Then add the water. Don’t add to much water or else it would be very soggy and gross. knead it into a ball, cover it up and set it aside for half an hour. For the “Insides” add all of the ingredients together and stir it well. Now for the dough part, listen very carefully. Separate the huge ball of dough into small little pieces roll them flat into a circle no bigger than 3 inches. Place about 1 tablespoon of the filling into the middle of each of the circles. Fold the dough over the filling and pinch the edges to seal the dumpling. Now, you have to make sure you pinch it in one direction very tightly or else it might fall out. Do it to the rest of the dumplings. Use a large pot of water. Add the dumplings. Stir them a little bit so they don’t stick together. Bring the water to a boil. After the dumplings are cooked. Drain them then take them out. After that, YOU ARE DONE! Take them out and eat them. Most people also have a little bowel of soy sauce to dip the dumplings in. Only dip it half way or else it would be too salty, dip it too little it would be too bitter and if you dip it again because it’s too bitter, THAT would be double dipping! And you’ll go to hell for double dipping! That is it for the Magical Dumplings, I hope you enjoyed it. Bye!

Tragic Clothes Factory Collapse


Trapped under piles of rock, suffocating because we don’t wanna pay more for our stuff, are the people who make our clothes. In an article called “Clothed in Misery” By M. T. ANDERSON, a Bangladesh clothing company recently collapsed due to paying the the companies too little. The companies are too cheap to make good factory’s. But some people just don’t care enough about these people how make our clothes. These companies and their consumers do not take enough time to think about the people working and making the clothes. Leaving them in danger and pain.

“The cost for us is minimal; the cost for others is great.” In this quote the author wants to give a message that, what we buy or do effects the others who are making the things. “It’s well past time for all of us to reflect on this cycle and how cheap it would be to break out of it if only there were enough public pressure on the apparel industry.” The author wants us, to put pressure on these companies, so they would change their way of treating their workers.

Companies like Levi Stratus spent some money on improving on their factory, why can’t other companies do the same?If they would just spend just a little money compared to how much they make in total to build a good factory and safe environment for the workers, it would be nice. The next time you buy some clothes, maybe think to yourself a little about the people who made the clothes. You may not think this is not your problem, and have nothing to do with you. But “Take a look at the tag on your shirt. The problem is as close as your skin.”

Intro Poem

I say play it like a women.
listen to the pinch harmonics it make.

Smell it’s long and smooth hair

I say drop a baby into the rhythm
and watch him slowly probe his way out as a rock star.

or walk onto a guitar amp
and feel the sides for an On switch

I want them to fly rocket to the top of it’s headstock
holding up the rock sign to the rest of the world below

But all they wanted to do was give up
as they throw their guitars away with inpatient hands.

They started ignoring the guitar
and left it alone in the dark.

Declaration of Independence

Through the course of human existence, it always comes to a point where it is necessary for one group to separate from the other, dissolving their relationship which has connected them together since the beginning of time. When it comes to the point which breaking up necessary, it is needed to declare the reasons and what causes the separation.

It is very obvious that all men and dog are created and engineered equally, and that they were made by the universe with certain unalienable rights. Among those rights are, rights of getting hot chicks, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The universe has created dogs, dogs to benefit man and bring happiness to their owners life. But when a dog starts to become too disobedient and beneficial to his owner, it is the right of his owner to declare independence between the owner and the dog. But reasons of declaring independence can not be too light. But according to all the damages done from the long chain of abuses done to Winnie Huang, it is the our rights and duty to overthrow, destroy and eliminate the demonic creature. The dog has left Winnie Huang and everyone no choice but to seek independence. The intolerable behaviors of the dog are at it’s extreme. To prove this let the facts be revealed to the entire universe.

-The dog has came in the house dirty, rolled in mud over and over again and again. Winnie Huang has to clean the floor again 3 times a day.

-The dog has violently decapitated Carl the fish.

-The dog has ignored Winnie Huang’s sorrow complaints about the dead fish with violence. The dog has attacked Winnie Huang and has violently detached Winnie Huang’s left arm.

-Winnie Huang has worked so hard cleaning the couch and the dog has defecated on it.

-Winnie Huang has worked even harder to clean the kitchen floor and yet again the dog has defecated on the kitchen floor.

-Winnie Huang has spent hours sending his appeals numerous of times to the dog and all he got in response was more and dog poop. There was poop in his bathroom floor, the front door, the dining table, the grass and even his most glorified and attractive laptop.

Winnie Huang has tried to speak to the dog countless numbers of times not to poop in the house, but all Winnie has gotten in response was deaf ears and more poop in the house. Winnie Huang has even tried to hire a dog trainer to train the dog, but the dog has bitten the dog trainer in the neck and killed him. No actions were taken to fix the issues. We then have came up with a decision and we are announcing righteously for independence of Winnie Huang.

We therefore, as the representatives of Winnie Huang, present these facts to the rest of the universe. In the name of Winnie Huang and the laws which govern all universe, I solemnly declare that Winnie Huang ought to be free from the tournaments from his dog. The dog must leave and no longer be in the presents of Winnie Huang. I declare that Winnie Huang is a free and becomes an independent man, free from responsibilities of taking care of a dog, free to sit at home and relax without finding dog poop everywhere. We pledge our whole life and soul to Winnie Huang’s declaration of independence.

F.B.I. releases pictures of suspects to fend off social media!

Everyone wants to be a hero, to save the world and bring justice. “With no power comes no responsibility, except that wasn’t true!”- Kick Ass. You don’t need superpowers to be a hero, anyone can become a hero. But does that mean you should? “F.B.I. Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post” is a post by Conner Simpson. In this article it talks about a recent tragic event that has lead to 3 deaths and more than 100 injured. Social media websites like Reddit or New York Post kicked in and everyone was trying to find the suspect bombers. In this process people on the internet has accused a lot of people that weren’t the bombers. And were just innocent by standers. One of the suspects was a Saudi suspect, and everyone was trying to find this guy, when in reality the poor guy didn’t do anything. These social media became really crazy and out of control that the FBI had decided to released the photos of the real suspects.

The author agrees with the F.B.I that the people shouldn’t try to be involved so much and let the cops do there job and what they do best. It would be safer for people and cause less destruction and chaos. “It was just another example of cops being cops, and succeeding when we needed them most.” Cops are trained well to do their job and as the author says we should let the professionals handle it. Unless you are a rich billionaire engineer, or spent years on a deserted island, you should leave the job to the F.B.I.

If I was in this situation, I would have just left the job for the F.B.I. The F.B.I’s already have enough problems in there jobs. Leaving them alone would help them finish their job easier and not have to worry about to many other things. Social media is great can have great benefits but trying to be a hero and making innocent people suspects would not make the job easier for F.B.I’s. “It was just another example of cops being cops, and succeeding when we needed them most.” 🙂

Winnie’s Found Poem

We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth.

Having eyes, see not, having ears, hear not,

it’s natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope

Evil in disguised, overpowering the weak

and stealing from the poor.

That insidious smile

Forces with navies and armies

taking over the world

Listen to our songs of siren

till we turn you all into beasts

beasts to fight the war

We must fight

I’m taken over,

a shot to the new world order

I am bulletproof.

Racism and Facebook

(Type..Type .. Typee) AND… POST. (Scroll..scroll..scroll) AND… LIKE. With a single push of a button anything you type like or share end up online and can be viewed publicly by others. It is so simple to like a post or post a post, that people tend to not think carefully about what they do on Facebook and how it can affect others. In the article, “Spreading Racism Via Facebook” by Tom Jacobs. It talks about how we don’t really think about what we do on Facebook. And how it led to racist jokes that can hurt others viewing it.

Two psychologists, Shannon Raunch and Kimberley Shanz, estimated that out of 623 people who use the internet, ninety five percent of the people possess a Facebook account. One thing that is really important and stands out a lot is that people don’t think carefully before they like, share or comment on posts. Like the author said, “they’re prone to express agreement with the material they see without thinking about it too deeply.” The psychologist then read one of three versions of a Facebook Note page, written by 26 year-old Jack Brown. Jack Brown’s post offended a lot of people. But most people who read it, liked the post no one actually stood up against the racist post or did something about it supporting the writer of the post. This article is trying to tell us that we don’t think enough before we do things online. And we should stand up for what is right and not be a by-stander, supporting the bully or being being a by-stander is probably just as bad as being the bully. “But critical thinking is often absent when people are motivated by the desire to be accepted, or to be entertained.”. I really really agree with the author that we don’t really think hard enough before we do anything. Things like these especially about racism can be offending to others. We tend not to think or notice it and usually go with the mass and what most people agree on. And don’t stand up to whats right and just being a bystander and support the bully.

As a school we have recently faced a problem, kind of like this. People were posting mean things to each other through a website called The website allows people to say anything they want to someone while being anonymous.Mean things like that could be posted and peoples feelings can be hurt. I think people should start taking responsibility of what they do online. You might think it’s just a joke, but to others it may hurt them a lot, and we shouldn’t be a bystander, it’s supporting the bully and giving them more power. If you see something wrong you should stand up to it, don’t support the bully or go with most people. Stand up for whats right and bring down the bully.