Incoming 7th Grader

Hi 7th Grader,

You’re already in 7th grade and you already know how it feels to be in Middle School. I don’t know how you felt, but in the beginning of every grade, you can get lost easily. It’s surprisingly easy to get lost but the easy way out to ask the teacher. When you’re in 8th grade, don’t be afraid to ask a teacher for help. You may feel as though you are responsible and you’re mature but try to swallow your pride. After a while, you’ll understand how the system works and where everything is.

Another thing that you should check in mind is cherish every moment in 8th grade. In my opinion, 8th grade is the most fun of all the grades so far. In this year, I found out that grades as in the points you get when you do the assignments put a lot less stress on you. It doesn’t really matter anymore because you get use to the pretty strict way. For example, I would’ve never accepted a B as an average grade for 6th or 7th grade but in 8th, I do. It’s the realization when you understand that getting good grades doesn’t mean everything which brings me to my next point. You should just joke around a lot in 8th grade to some degree, because when you get to high school, they make it seem everything is so serious. Try new things in 8th grade if you want and just in general, don’t take everything too seriously. Because when you reach high school, they make it seem as if that will all be gone.

That’s about it. Just take everything really lightly, don’t act too serious, make a lot of jokes, and yeah, because it seems like everything would be taken away.


On Top of the Skyscraper: Collaborative Transitional Setting Writing

I’m on top of a skyscraper. I look down under me. The sizes of cars are like ants, and humans even smaller. I look behind me. The armed men hasn’t went up to the top of the skyscraper yet. For a moment, I decide not to jump off. But that’s when I heard footsteps running towards me. Do or die, I thought. I jumped off the building, soaring down to what ultimately would be my death. As I was falling, I remember the time when I hacked into the government’s classified information, remembering that they could solve every disease in the world with a vaccination. I smiled. Then I exposed it to the world. However, the government wasn’t happy about this and they have chased me down. I was then aware of my surrounding when I found out that I was halfway down to death. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. I saw a blue mat was being placed below me. I was going to survive! But who knows what would happen to me when they caught me. I try my best to dive head first to die. But when I landed, I was in a lot of pain, but I knew I was still alive. My heart was still beating. I felt like I was stuck in a time lapse. Just breathing, in the darkness. I felt free. But when I opened my eyes, there were soldiers everywhere. Shouting and noise filled my ears. As I tried to sit up, soaring pain shot up my spine. I couldn’t breathe through the pain. It was better to be dead than feel the pain. As I closed my eyes and wished for my death, someone lifted me up. I could feel the stiff cloth of the stretcher on my back. My shirt must have ripped in the back as I tried to dive head first. As the walls of the ambulance surrounded me. I could only make out silhouettes.

“He’s still alive,” a man said.

“We have to keep him alive,” this time a woman’s voice. “The Anti-Government Corps needs him. He has information and he has the USB. Somewhere. At least.” Her tone was sharp and dictative.

“I can’t let this guy fall into their hands. Their just going to shoot him dead after everything is finished,” the man says.

I want to be dead, I think in my head. I just want to stop breathing. I can’t come back alive only to find that they have already prepared my grave. They’ve been chasing me down, now some group wants me back. This world is psycho. I don’t understand. Human chase each other and in the end just come to a crash. What does the government want me to do anyway? Keep things confidential?

I must have blacked out, since all I saw was darkness. The next moment I opened my eyes, I was attacked by two annoying beams of lights and…something wet. I reached for the damp thing on my head, it was a wet rag. Still confused, I quickly glanced around and saw myself in an empty, old and somewhat warm room, there was no one.

“Escape!” my head screamed, “Get out of here!” my thoughts became a mess, I bounced myself off the soft bed, and made a dash to the door. I then realized the aching that spread quickly through my body, I fell down with a loud thud. I then heard footstep, and finally, the door in front of me opened.

“I see you have decided to exercise, Mr. U.”

As I look up, a tall man stood in front of me. He was wearing a black suit. The people in the government who chased me down also wore black suits. Suddenly defensive, I held on to the chair next to me and pulled myself up.

“What do you want? You will not get anything out of me. I will make sure to kill myself before you get your hands on me.”

“Calm down, Mr. U. I…”

I don’t have time for this, I quickly look around the room and saw a pointy stick on the floor. I reached out and grabbed it.

“I have had enough, all I wanted was to help the world. Now look at all the mess I have made. This is for the best…”


The Health, The Expenses, and The Stress of Smoking

Most people hate smoking. Nobody likes the smoke going up your nose, forcing you to inhale that disgusting smell. Cigarettes should not be made because they are unhealthy, they are expensive, and doesn’t relieve as much stress as not smoking.

Cigarettes are unhealthy. According to, 480,000 people died because of cigarettes each year. Also, smoking causes more deaths than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, vehicle accidents, and gun incidents. Following this, smoking kills more people than all these activities combined. Not only this, smoking causes lung cancer where 90% of men and women combined died because of it. What’s more, women die of lung cancer more than breast cancer every year. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is an illness where people have a hard time breathing, about 80% of the time, is caused by smoking. Smoking can also increase coronary heart disease by two to four times. For strokes, which is an illness where blood stops flowing to your brain and you can’t move, smoking can increase the chance by two to four times as well. And for developing lung cancer, for both men and women, it can increase the chance by 25 times. Most people think smoking only causes lung cancer but from smoking, you can get cancer in any part of your body such as bladder, stomach, kidney, and more. Even worse, when a woman is pregnant, and is she smokes, the chances of preterm delivery, stillbirth and low birth weight can increase significantly. Also, the baby will have lower bone density than non-smokers as well as a greater chance of broken bones. Smoking can also cause tooth loss. Also,, said that, “smoking is the most preventable death in the U.S.” Also, if you smoke, you will live a lot shorter than normal people. A lot of people knows this but they don’t know how much time a smoker have. Smokers only live 13 – 14 years less than most people. As you can see from all this information right here, smoking is seriously very bad.

Smoking is pretty expensive. According to, if a person smokes one pack of cigarette per day, they have wasted 10 dollars(US) which in VND is about 200,000 VND. And if the person smokes for one week, they have wasted 70 dollars. If that person is a smoke addict and have smoked like that for one year, they have wasted 3,650 dollars just on smoking. Not only that, Just a week of buying a pack of cigarettes per day can buy you three CDs, two new DVDs, or two tickets to a concert. After buying cigarettes everyday for one year is almost about the same price as buying a 50-inch flat panel widescreen TV. How much better is that than smoking? In 1993, World Bank estimated that cigarettes costs global economy $200 billion dollars(USD). This information leads into another point. Inside that $200 billion dollars, not only there is the cost of the cigarettes itself, but also health care costs, premium life insurance, fire damages, and residential costs. As stated earlier, you would waste $3,650 just for just smoking. But now, you have to add the costs of the things listed above which some of them are health care costs, premium life insurance, fire damages and more. Just think about how much money would it cost if both the cigarette packs cost combined with health care and fire damages costs.

Smoking doesn’t relieve as much stress as not smoking. Most people say they smoke because it relieves their stress. According to Anahad O’Connor, a writer for New York Times, it does relieve stress for a short-term only, not a long term. Also, the London School of Medicine and Dentistry tested on 469 smokers. Forty one percent of them managed to quit and the researchers found that they had less stress which is about a 20 percent drop while the people who kept smoking showed little to no change. Also, according to Parrot AC., an author of, which is the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, stated that the stress level of a smoker is slightly higher than a non-smoker adult, while for teenagers will have increased stress overtime. Smokers needs the cigarette that has nicotine to feel normal, while when they’re not smoking, they have worse moods than before. The real problem in this is that smokers are actually wanting nicotine. This leads to discomfort because they want nicotine but they don’t have it, and that’s why they still smoke.

As you can see, smoking can cause a lot of damage to your health, it is expensive, and it actually does not relieve stress for a long-term period. If someone offers you some cigarettes, just simply think about how bad it is, and refuse the offer.

How to Overhand Serve for Volleyball

This video is about how to serve a overhand serve in volleyball. We will teach you how to do this as well a drill that will improve your overhand serve.

For the skill, if you’re a right handed person, you will hold the ball in your left hand. You will stretch your right hand back. Then you will toss the ball up in the air straightly and then hit the ball with your right hand aiming up. Then, the ball should go over the net.

For the drill, we go up near the net and serve from there. If you can serve over the net, then you move back and back. When you can’t serve over the net, go back to your previous position and serve from them. When you’re satisfied, move back and serve.

We hope this video has helped you because in volleyball, the way people usually serve is by using the overhand serve.


Six Word Stories Expanded

This is the last time, I promise.

I gave James a piece of candy. He looked at me suspiciously as though I was giving him poison.

“This is the last time, promise,” I said. But in my mind, I knew I was joking.

“You better not,” warned James.

“Of course not,” I said.

So, during break, I placed ketchup and chili packets under the toilet lift bowl thing. I also knew that he would eat things I gave if it looked good. So I found an expired piece of candy that I knew he would eat. I gave it to him and he ate it. Since the candy was five-year expired, I knew he would need to go to the toilet within five minutes. I waited there waiting for the effect to take place. The next five minutes, he ran for the toilet.

I ran after him just to see the reactions. I saw he already locked his stall and I was giggling. The moment he sat down, I heard two things. The explosion of diarrhea which was like plurrrr, and another which were the ketchup and chili packets. I knew that he couldn’t get out of his seat because he was already releasing the diarrhea, but then, there were ketchup all over his pants, and legs. I started laughing hysterically which filled the whole toilet with echoes of my laughter.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!” he yelled. I said earlier that he couldn’t get out of his seat so I kept laughing.

I knew James would try to take revenge so I went to class. I had tears in my eyes and was laughing at the same time, making people think I was crazy. After almost 30 minutes of class, the principal entered the room and signalled me to go out. Then I apologized to James and what not and continued the day as usual. Except this time, with a broken nose.

I was the only one alive.

I was the only one alive. There were originally 10 of us that were being tested, but some reason, I was the only one. It was an experiment to see if humans could be buffed up using chemicals.

I was in this room, only with a bed, and it was actually quite well lit. It was very boring in this room, especially with nothing to do and scary too, since all other 9 of my friends have died. With nothing to do, I decided that I would just fall asleep. However, a voice suddenly came out of nowhere.

“Get up and get ready!” it yelled.

I stood up immediately waiting to see what would happen next. Then, the door was unlocked as a man in military uniform walked in. He examined me then turned back for another man that was holding a gun. He took it, looked at it, then aimed it at me. By instinct, I ran under the bed right away. However, he was too fast and went on the floor and shot me. I thought I was suppose to be in pain, which I admit I felt a little bit, but it didn’t seem to stop me from moving my body normally. I ran out of the bed and somehow managed to grab the gun before the guy got a chance to shoot. I kneed him, grabbed the gun and was about to shoot him when suddenly, someone shouted, “STOP!”

I looked at the man who shouted. He was another man in military uniform. “Let me show you something,” he said. I didn’t know whether to follow him or not. With a gun, I had an advantage so I brought it along. We walked for at least 30 minutes until reaching what seems like a door.

“As survivor of the experiment, you are now our only hope in saving the world,” he said.

I was confused. Me? Saving the world? I didn’t really understand.

“What’s going on,” I demanded.

“See for yourself,” he replied.

As he opened the door, I saw horror. The world I was seeing now was a whole new world. There was smoke everywhere, with fires spreading over the place. I looked up in the sky and saw fighter jets, soaring through the sky. I stepped out and wondered, What happened?

“I know you have lots of questions. But as I mentioned earlier, you’re the only hope in saving our world.”

I knew what I had to do.

One night, three words, never returned.

One night, three words, never returned. Jack’s wife, Jane, had just disappeared, leaving only three word behind in the early morning of April 1st after suddenly leaving. Those three words were “see you soon.” He had no idea what that meant but he decided not to call the cops since he did abuse his wife a little bit. He would be charged with abuse and possibly murder since she was missing. He decided that he would just try to find his wife by himself. So he thought about where would she go. He decided that he would go to the church to find her since she was christian. He went to the church she usually went to and did not find her.

“What are you searching for?” asked the priest.

“Oh, nothing. Just wondered if Jane was here,” Jack said.

“Ah, she’s not here,” the priest replied.

And so he went out the church and thought for a moment. Where would she go? he thought. Then he decided that he would go to possibly, the bar to find her. So he went there and decided to ask the bartender.

“Have you seen Jane?” he asked.

“Nope,” he replied.

Then he exited the bar and decided that he couldn’t do anything but to return home. When he went back home, he decided whether or not to call the cops or not. He fought with this decision until night when he finally decided that he would call the cops and notify them that she was missing. When he was approaching the phone, someone yelled, “Happy April Fool’s Day!”

He looked behind him and saw his wife.


Boston Massacre Sonnets

The british killed during March the third

The blood was painted gorily on the ground

A lot escaped, they didn’t die that day

But some didn’t survive, instead they died

By: Boston Public Library
By: Boston Public Library

The mob was growing so the soldiers came

The people threw their clubs in self-defense

When Captain Preston shouted not to fire,

His Soldiers shot, ignoring his commands


The morrow came and news of this had spread

The people read about it all around

Mr. Paul Revere engraved an image then

This fueled people’s anger even more


This soon was called, “The Boston Massacre.”

And Britain thought, “Shoot! What a disaster.”

At McDonald’s: Chinese Edition

Character Version






Pinyin Version

Jīntiān, wǒ de péngyǒu hé wǒ qù màidāngláo chīfàn. Wǒ de péngyǒu hěn ǎi hé hěn shòu. Tā de míngzì shì yà lì kè sī. Tā hěn chǒu. Tā hěn shànliáng. Ránhòu, wǒ shì zhōngděng gè’er. Wǒ hěn yīngjùn.

Jīntiān de tiānqì hěn hǎo. Jīntiān de tiānqì shì qíngtiān, wǒ zuì xǐ’ài de tiānqì. Dāng wǒmen qù dào màidāngláo, wǒmen diǎn cài liǎng gè hànbǎobāo hàn kěkǒukělè. Zhège cài hěn hào chī. Dāng wǒmen chī wán, wǒmen huí jiāle.

Dì èr tiān, wǒ dǎ diànhuà gěi wǒ de péngyǒu. Tā shuō,“wǒ juéde hěn ěxīn, wǒ de yīshēng shuō wǒ yǒu shíwù zhòngdú. Tā gěi wǒ yào.”
Wǒ shuō,“zǎorì kāngfù.”
Jǐ gè xīngqí hòu, tā gǎnjué hǎoduōle. Ránhòu, wǒmen bù zài qù màidāngláo.

English Translation

Today, my friend and I went to Mcdonald’s to eat. My friend’s short and also thin. His name is Alex. He’s also ugly. He is kind. Also, I’m average height. I’m handsome. Anyways, the weather today is good. The weather today is sunny, my favorite weather. When we arrived, we ordered 2 burgers and coca-cola. The dish was very good. When we finished eating, we went home.

The second day, phoned my friend. He said, “I feel sick, my doctor said that I had food poisoning. He gave me medicine.”

I said, “get well soon.”

After a few weeks, he felt a lot better. Afterwards, we never went to McDonald’s ever again.