Mixtures and Solutions Lab Experience

Dear students,

Today you will be blogging about your lab experiences so far. You’re going to be so descriptive and detailed about what you’ve been doing in the laboratory.

  1. Describe your first time in the laboratory. What did you do? (Below are some sentence stems to help you. I’d like a detailed sequence of your experience!)

This week, my lab group and I ___________________.

First, my group  ______________.

We used words like ________________ so that we could describe the _____________.

Then, we _____________. We found that _____________.

Finally, we __________________. It was interesting because___________.


2. Talk about your experience weighing water, salt water, and finding the weight of the salt.

My class and I _____________________________.

First, my class ____________________.

Then, we ______________________.

We discovered that _____________________.

3. Describe the difference between a mixture and a solution.

4. Finally, add at least 3-4 pictures in with your answers. If you have a picture of you weighing the saltwater, add it!

5. Categorize it as “Science.”

Morning work for Monday, September 8

Good morning students!

Today, you will be adding to the blog post called: “Digital Literacy PSA.” Beneath the video or presentation you posted, answer these questions:

  1. What did you like about presenting to the other classes?
  2. What did you not like about presenting to the other classes?
  3. What would you do differently if you had to do it again?
  4. What went well?

Morning Work (Friday Aug 29)

Good morning, students!

Today, your morning work has TWO parts.

Part 1: Finish this blog post from yesterday. Call it “The Ms. Gabbert Show.” Then, answer the questions below.

  1. What is the Ms. Gabbert Show? What did we do to prepare?
  2. What character were you for the Ms. Gabbert Show? How did you feel about being that character?
  3. What would you do differently, if you were going to do it again?
  4. Tell your readers about the video you edited. What did you put in? Why?

Part 2: Go to the Dance Mat Typing Level 4 and practice your typing skills.




Geography Challenge!

Today, you are going to watch this BrainPop video. Then, you are going to make your own video using Scratch! It should have two characters, explaining the vocabulary and ideas that the BrainPop went over.

You can work on your own or in groups of two. You can choose who you would like to work with.

This will be due tomorrow at 2:45. Good luck!

Ms. Gabbert