Geography Challenge!

Today, you are going to watch this BrainPop video. Then, you are going to make your own video using Scratch! It should have two characters, explaining the vocabulary and ideas that the BrainPop went over.

You can work on your own or in groups of two. You can choose who you would like to work with.

This will be due tomorrow at 2:45. Good luck!

Ms. Gabbert

Blog Awards 2014

Dear students,

Thursday, we will be voting on the Blog Awards for 2014! There are three categories:

PBA 2014

Professional Blog Award: This blog is zen, has beautiful images and text that is grammatically correct and the content reflects what the post is about. All posts are categorized. The widgets on the side bar are not distracting, but interesting and add to the blog.

Layout Award

Layout Award: This blog has beautiful images, all of the html has been fixed so that it fits within the theme. They have included all sorts of media, including embedded videos, images, and interactive pictures. The widgets on the sidebar are interesting but not distracting.


Content Award: This blogger is a writing genius! The writing accurately describes what the post is about, is detailed, interesting, and grammatically correct.

Good luck!

Ms. Gabbert


A good reflective blog post

Dear friends,

I created this slide show in order to show parents and students what the fifth grade Cat Tien trip was like. I tried to include examples of what the rooms looked like, where we would eat our meals, and examples of the activities that we would do when we were there. I think my slide show did a pretty good job of showing what the facilities and activities were like.

If I were to do this blog post again, I would have students help create the presentation with their own pictures and schedules. I think this would allow parents and future students to see the trip from a student’s perspective, and that would be awesome.

We had tons of fun on the Cat Tien trip. We learned SO much about ecosystems and endangered species in Vietnam. I’m excited to go again next year.

Things I included:

  • What I did
  • What I would do differently if I did it again
  • What I enjoyed or was proud of.

Minecraft Math Challenge

Build a house in creative mode.

Make a house with wood blocks, stone blocks, and glass panes, and blocks of your choice.
Your house needs to be:

  • 1/3 stone blocks
  • 3/8 glass panes
  • 1/12 wood blocks
  • 5/24 blocks of your choice

Tell me how many total blocks you used to build your house. (Make a sign with this information)

Tell me how many of each block you used to make your house. Tell me the fraction (Make a sign of this in front of your house)

To present it, take screen shots of your house and the signs. Then, make a Google Presentation about what your project was and how you worked to solve it.

Your presentation will be assessed on creativity and accuracy.

Good Luck!


Scavenger Hunt Slide Show!

Congrats on finishing your ThingLink! Hopefully you’ve made it public and embedded it into your blog.

Now, you can begin your scavenger hunt presentation!

Here are the guidelines:

Make a slide for each scavenger hunt item. Then, make a small caption to describe why it meets the scavenger hunt description.

Here is a fantastic example of a slide show from Ms. Heather’s Class:

For some questions, there is more than one answer. For example, one question asks you about all the organisms around the big tree. Maybe put two organisms per slide to make sure your presentation stays ZEN.

When you finish, embed the presentation into your blog. Make sure you’ve shared it “public on the web.”

I can’t wait to see the presentations!

Ms. Gabbert

PS, if you can’t find pictures your group took, then use an example someone else found. Look through our SSIS Flickr Cat Tien Set to find a picture that meets the item. Be sure you can explain why it meets the question.