Family Traditions

12 12 2013

In social studies we have been learning about families and traditions we have. We invited several teachers and other faculty members at our school into the classroom to tell us their family stories. Then we told our own using iMovie.

Listen to the story of our favorite family tradition!

eBooks: How to Make Playdough!

10 11 2013

In our Farm to Table unit, the students learned that everything we use must come from somewhere.  During this unit we made playdough and wrote How To books using BookPress.  Click on the books below to read our books.  See if you can follow our directions to make playdough at home!

Check out our creations! Read our books to see if you can make playdough!

   by Khoi and Hally
     by Dan Bee and Sue
     by Ian and Seo-Jun
by Dylan and Hyeonjoo
by Cheuk Kai and Selena
 by Siena-Kaya and Alex
    by Amber and Harith
       by Bo and Tim
by Veronica and Connor
     by Annie and Kokoro

Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake, Baker’s Man

8 11 2013

The first graders went on a field trip to Harvest Baking this week!  We learned about the different ingredients used to make bread. We also rolled some dough into bread and tasted the delicious bread!  Please ask your child about which ingredients are used to make bread and where those ingredients come from.

A special thank you to Harvest Baking for hosting and teaching us!

Our class with Ms. Lulu

Our class with Ms. Lulu

Bubbles, Pinwheels, Air and Wind

30 09 2013

Today in Science we discovered more about air and wind.  We went outside to test our homemade pinwheels and blow bubbles.  Ask your child about his/her discoveries!

  1. What do bubbles have to do with air?
  2. What can bubbles tell you about the air?
  3. How can you make a pinwheel move?

IMG_1515 IMG_1519 IMG_1520 IMG_1511 IMG_1507


Balloon Rockets

16 09 2013

Today we learned more about air by making balloon rockets!  Ask your child:

  1. How does air make the balloon rocket move down the line?
  2. How did you get the balloon rocket to travel the furthest?

Check out the video of the students propelling their balloon rockets!

Jumping into a New Year!

20 08 2013

It’s that time of year again!  The sound of excited children has entered my classroom for the 2nd time here at SSIS!  We started off the year sharing things  we were excited to learn in 1st grade!

All About Animal iPad Books

6 06 2013

The iPads have been in our classroom for the past couple of weeks, and we are excited to finally share our projects. The students have been working very hard researching and learning about animals from all over the world. We used online resources and books to learn about the animals and their habitats. We organized the information we gathered and created digital books using my new favorite app, bookPress. The students learned how to add text, pictures, change fonts and create lay-outs for their all about books.

Check out our creations! Read our books to see what can you learn about animals!

by Tae Hyun
All About Horses
by Tuva
All About Horses
Boa Constrictor
by Carl Felix
Boa Constrictor
by Minami
Polar bear
by Grace
Polar bear
by Isabel
Komodo Dragons
by Dongwei
Komodo Dragons
Tiger Shark
by Dan
Tiger Shark
All About Zebras
by Anna
All About Zebras
by Eun Woo
by Eric
by Teressa
by Rikiya
by Kristoffer
Puffer fish
by Romeo
Puffer fish
Blue Whales
by Fahim
Blue Whales
All About King Penguins
by Hye Seon
All About King Penguins

Eun Woo searches for pictures for her book about pandas.

Eric begins his book on bookPress.

Fahim shares his book with Ms. Melissa.

Anna, Kristoffer and Grace work on their books.

Tuva takes a picture of Fahim for his About the Author page.

Many students are excited to try this app at home. I have challenged students to create books over the summer and share them with me! Please email me any books that you create:

Try out this fun bookPress app on your iPad or you can create the book on the computer from the Bookemon website.

Learning Journeys: A Celebration of Our Year

12 04 2013

Today the students were the tour guides of the classroom. They directed their parents around the room and visited stations to share their learning with their families.

To begin the journey, the students and families watched a slideshow of pictures from throughout the year.

Then they visited 4 stations: A writing station, a reading station, a math station and a science station

Tae Hyun shares a published story from his portfolio.

Kristoffer shares a Mercy Watson book with his mom.

Tuva teachers her family how to play Make My Design at the Math Station.

Rikiya teaches his mother and sister about the properties of solids and liquids and how to sort them.

Dan and Fahim are excited to watch the slideshow of pictures and remember our year together!

To see more pictures from the day visit: Our Learning Journeys Photos

Math Story Problems- iPads

22 03 2013

The students are learning how to use the iPads! Today we created math story addition and subtraction problems. See if you can solve them!

1. Spiders in the Woods, By Kristoffer:

2. The Jellyfish, By Tae-Hyun:

3. The Hungry Bird, By Fahim:

4. Fish, By Anna:

5. The Fire, By Romeo:

6. Soccer, By Rikiya:

7. Dolls, By Eun-Woo:

8. The Dogs, By Teressa:

9. Turtles, By Dan:

10. Ghosts, By Eric:

11. The Five Faces, By Dongwei:

12. The Animal Park, By Carl-Felix:

13. Hyeseon’s Dog Bones, By Hyeseon:

14. Dogs, By Minami:

15. The Dog and the Bones, By Tuva:

16. Bears, By Isabel:

17. The Birds, By Grace:

18. Cats, By Aislin (Tuva’s friend from Norway visited our class!)

Happy Birthday Carl-Felix!

13 03 2013

We wish you a Happy Birthday, Carl-Felix!

Carl-Felix, his mom and I celebrate with the class