Vietopia Field Trip

26 02 2015

The Grade Ones had the opportunity to visit Vietopia. Vietopia is a community designed especially for children ages 3-15. At Vietopia, children participated in different community helper roles. The children were excited to have hands on experiences and meet the community’s wants and needs. Ask your child about the businesses they visited and which was their favorite.

Happy 100th Day of School!!

2 02 2015


Sports Day!

21 01 2015

We had a great day today! We spent the morning running around, getting wet, going over obstacles and having a blast! Here’s proof!

Here is a slideshow with more photos!

Family Traditions

17 12 2014

In social studies, we have been learning about families and traditions we have. We invited several teachers and other faculty members at our school into the classroom to tell us their family stories. Then we told our own using iMovie. Please check out the iMovies we created!

Writer’s Celebration- Opinion Writing

12 12 2014

The First Graders were fantastic today! I am so proud of all their hard work from this unit! The students shared opinions they have. They chose their favorite piece to share at our Author’s Celebration!

Goals from the unit:
1. Write my opinion or my likes and dislikes and say why.
2. Write a beginning to get the reader’s attention. Say the topic I am writing about and give my opinion.
3. Use transition words like, and and because.
4. Write an ending for my piece.
5. Write an organized piece.
6. Write at least one reason for my opinion.
7. Use labels and words to give details.

As you saw from our celebration today, the students did much more than this! :)

Please check out the pictures from the event this morning!

Winter Concert!

5 12 2014

The students had a wonderful Winter Concert this week!

iMovie Making!

26 11 2014

The grade 1’s have been busy learning how to create movies using iMovie on the iPads.  Today we created videos to tell about ourselves! Please enjoy!


Design Thinking: How Can We Help Piggie Fly?

9 11 2014

Our Air and Weather science unit has come to an end.  As a culminating project, we read the story Today I Will Fly! by Mo Williems.  In this story, Piggie wants to fly but cannot find a way to make it happen.  I challenged the students to design a way to help Piggie and Gerald fly!  First, they began their thinking by drawing different flying ideas they had including wings, parachutes, kites, airplanes and strings.

Mya, Bao Nhi and Abi create a plan to help Piggie and Gerald fly!

After we made our drawings, I gave the students a variety of materials to use to make their creations. They used tissue paper, A4 paper, plastic bags, chopsticks, popsicle sticks, straws, ribbon, tape, paper clips and staplers.

The students tested their designs by running through the hallways and ‘flying’ them in front of a fan.

After, they altered and changed their designs to make them better.  They added more string and tails to help their kites stay balanced in the air, they took off excess materials that made their kites too heavy to lift, and they really tried to make their ideas into practical models. They enjoyed this process, and used their creativity to make their designs the best they can be!

See the slideshow for other photos from our project!

I want to give a special thanks to John Rinker from Nanjing International School, who was a great presenter at the Learning 2.0 conference in Bangkok this fall! I really enjoyed the Design Thinking Workshop, and I think my students were also happy I attended! :)

Writing Partners Musical Chairs

29 10 2014

Today we played Musical Chairs… Not your original Musical Chairs, but Writing Partners Musical Chairs! The students had to walk around the chairs while the music played, but when the music stopped they had to find a chair quickly!  Once seated the children shared their stories with their partner.   The odd one out, got to share in a group of three.  The children really enjoyed sharing their Small Moment story from our second writing unit! :)


Daily 5 in Action

28 10 2014

The students have worked extremely hard to reach independence in the Daily 5!  They enjoy making choices to Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work and Read to Self while I work with individuals and in small groups.  Here are some pictures to show you how Reader’s Workshop works in our classroom.

The students get to choose which Daily 5 they would like to work on. We usually have 2-3 choices each day.

Read to Someone:

To build fluency and teach each other reading strategies, the students Read to Someone.  Mya and Jimmy share a story together.

Listen to Reading:

Alex and Neal use the blog to find a reading website.

We love to read stories on Raz Kids and listen to books on Tumblebooks.  Akka and Sung Ho work on Raz Kids.

Work on Writing:

We love to write stories, make cards for our friends, write letters and work on pieces from Writers’ Workshop. Ellen works on writing a story in a mini-book!

Annie makes a list of what she wants to write about.

Word Work:

Word Work is a time for us to practice sight words and Word Study activities. Bao Nhi and Abi make sight words with beads.

A group works on using Capital letters to begin names.

Read to Self:

Grace practices her reading during Read to Self.

Ask your children what they love about Daily 5!