Grade 1

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Spring Concert

Here are some photos of the spring concert.IMG_6629 IMG_6614 IMG_6613

The Perfect Square

ESLR Assembly- Dedicated Service

Congratulations to the students who received ESLR awards this month. During the month of February, we were looking for students who were showing dedicated service. This means:

Picking up trash or cleaning up the classroom even if it doesn’t belong to you.

Helping friends.

Teaching others how to do something.


Caring about the environment and people.

photo 4
photo 3photo 2photo 1

ESLR Assembly- Balance in Life

During the month of January, the first grade students focused on Balance in Life. The students who were awarded this month all:
Try their best,
Make good choices.
Use words to solve problems,
Make healthy food choices,
Are active,
Are kind and share, and
Play with friends from different groups.

Students awarded from all three classes

Ms. Buglya’s Class

Ms. Melissa’s Class

Ms. Faires’ Class

Academic Excellence Assembly

Congratulations to the grade one students for earning an ESLR for academic excellence. It was very difficult to choose as all of our students work hard every day in their studies.


Photo Nov 29, 14 32 52Photo Nov 29, 14 33 51Photo Nov 29, 14 35 41Photo Nov 29, 14 36 53Photo Nov 29, 14 37 40

ESLR Assmebly: Sense of Self

Today we celebrated Sense of Self with a 1st grade assembly. Having Sense of Self means you know who you are and know your likes and dislikes. You like to learn new things. You tell the truth and make good choices. You say how you feel.  Many first graders at SSIS have these qualities, and these 9 students were chosen to receive awards!

Ms. Buglya’s Class Award Winners


Ms. Faires’ Class Award Winners


Ms. Melissa’s Class Award Winners: Tae-Hyun, Tuva and Anna

Another Teacher Birthday!

Today we celebrated Ms. Trester’s birthday! We made birthday cards and sang Happy Birthday in 5 languages: English, Korean, Swedish, Cantonese, and Japanese! Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Ms. Faires!

Thinglink Activities in ESL

Today we are working on captions. My 1st graders are having fun looking at their parents’ pictures from Parent Teacher Conferences.


About Ms. Faires

Growing up on an island off the coast of Houston, Texas and being mesmerized by the calling of the sea I have made way to many unbelievable places all over the world.  Having spent many years teaching first and second grade in central and north Texas and working on a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Elementary Counseling and Private Counseling Practice spurred me to take on an international life style  of teaching multicultural children in some of the most interesting and challenging areas of the world. Earning a Master’s and writing  a booklet about issues children and families might experience while living abroad has benefited and helped promote a healthy and more appreciative experience for those away from their homeland. Hiking, boating, biking,  and learning about various cultures are just a few important interests I have. Having the opportunity to work with your child and other students at SSIS is most rewarding.