Grade 5’s Exciting Cat Tien Trip (14-16 Feb 2017)

Out together in the nature of Cat Tien National Park for three days and two nights, all of our 5th graders have earned such valuable knowledge, for example, of rescuing the wild animals, of saving the environment and the nature, and especially of ecosystems and sustainable practices in Cat Tien, which will help them with their school projects of sustainability.

Staying at Cat Tien for three days, our students have brought home a bunch of unforgettable and interesting experiences. Perhaps for the first time in their life, for instance, they could see gibbons swinging through the trees and hear them singing so loud very early in the morning. They should be so proud of themselves that they could wake up at around 5 o’clock to join the morning hike and overcome their fears of silent night hiking without any lights.

Our Grade 5 students have expressed they liked visiting the Moon Bear Center to observe the bears finding foods. Some liked the Night Safari and Primate Center to learn more about wild animals, while others liked roasting marshmallows by the bonfire. Whatever activities attracted them, after the trip, not one of our students would deny wanting to come back to Cat Tien again if they had another chance.

Let’s have a quick overview at our trip and find out tons of other great photos through this link, and please do not forget to visit our grade 5 dragons’ blogs to read about their own true reflections of this amazing trip! Enjoy! Ms. Chi 🙂

G5's Exciting Cat Tien Trip

Buddy Halloween!

We had great fun today with Mr. Chris’ class drawing Halloween monsters. We drew them sitting back to back and then shared with each other our interpretation of how the monster looked that Mr. Adam read aloud. There were some pretty scary pictures.

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Choose Your Own Adventure stories

After a month of planning and crafting 5ME students have all completed a Choose Your Own Adventure story. Our main focus during this was to engage our readers through using hooks, a variety of sentence starters, the senses and inference. The students have used Twine to publish their stories, which is a application designed for non-linear stories. They not only used this app but imported a stylesheet (CSS) and used HTML to personalize their story. Here are their stories.


Grade 5’s Buu Long trip!

Before the trip, we prepared well and brought with us an excited spirit of anticipation.

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When we came to Buu Long, we started with some team-building activities. The games helped strengthen our body and mind, by building trust in our partners, discussing, cooperating together, encouraging each other to figure out how to reach the goal as fast as possible.


Trusting our partners is important when together in a team.


Our mind exercised with this memory game!


We tried different ways to find out the best solution for this game!


One boy sighed while being blind-folded and struggling with finding the right blocks, “Now I can understand how hard it is to be blind. It takes such a long time to find out what I need.” With such a new experience through the game, he has learnt so much about himself.


This game looked easy, but it required speed! So we had to observe and run as fast as we could!


Only two feet in a circle!

After lunch, we experienced the most challenging activities – climbing wall, abseiling, and zip-lining.


We were trained carefully before trying the real one!


We learnt a lot of safety skills of climbing up and down a mountain. It required our bravery too.


We abseiled. This thrilling challenge taught us not to be scared of the difficulties. 


Waiting for our turn to abseil. Go Dragons!


We can do it! You can too!


Woohoo, we just enjoyed zip-lining over the valley. Some of us tried 3 times. It was a lot of fun.


Do you see our amazing teacher, Mr. Edwards? He shouted out excitedly while zip-lining, “FLYING KIWI !!!!” We liked it best! :))

Buu Long reminders

We will meet students in the plaza in the morning. Students will not go to the classroom.
Meeting time is 7:30-7:45. We will leave at 8:00 sharp.

Suggested items to bring:
water bottle
pants (or long shorts)
healthy snack
sunscreen/insect repellent
shirt/clothes to change into afterwards for trip home
camera (not a phone)

Planned time of return is 6 p.m. We will contact parents via mobile phone if we are going to be 20+ minutes late.

Buu Long Trip

The Buu Long trip is a perfect compliment to our current unit, “The Amazing Race.” Students will be focusing on being self-reliant, making thoughtful choices, staying safe, and making responsible decisions

Phat Tire Adventures, a well-established adventure travel and team-building company based in Dalat, will be running this experience for us.

Today, a parent letter came home explaining the trip in detail.  Please take time to read it and fill it out, and return it along with the payment by Tuesday, September 20th.