Learning Journeys

We had such a wonderful time during our Learning Journeys this year. Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend and focus on their child’s learning. Enjoy some of our pictures!

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Baking Banana Bread

Thanks to Anita and her family we had an abundance of bananas in our classroom this week so the students decided we should make banana bread muffins! We found a recipe, gathered the ingredients, and started cooking. The results were delicious! If you want to bake with your child at home here is the recipe: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/banana_bread/

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Tet Celebrations

Our class had a wonderful time celebrating Tet this year! We painted roosters to celebrate the year of the Rooster, learned how to make fresh spring rolls, watched an excellent Lion Dance performance, and enjoyed the beautiful decorations on our field trip to the Crescent. What a wonderful holiday full of joy and beauty!

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This month the children are really working on developing their gross motor skills and water confidence. They all participated enthusiastically in our swimming lessons. They practiced shallow water confidence by playing games, kicking, splashing and jumping in the water.

img_4883 img_4886 img_4913 img_4906

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Exploring Nature

The children had a wonderful time on our recent field trip!

We took some containers and test tubes with us so that we could collect things that we found along the way. We found many interesting things, some living some not, and brought back our treasures to the classroom.

We were all excited by the shape, size and colour of the different flowers and also the texture and patterns we found on the leaves. We were also amazed to find some beautiful butterflies, bees and beetles sitting on the flowers. The children were really excited to share and compare their collections with the class. When we came back to class we looked at the things we had collected and sorted them into groups (living, non living, not sure). The children are exploring what things are living and what are not. They decided that the snails and insects were definitely living as they move but are still wondering about whether the flowers and leaves are living as they didn’t move. Some children are also wondering whether clouds are living or not as they observed them moving across the sky. The children are inquiring into the world around them. They are using their senses to explore nature. They looked at, touched, listened to and smelt the items they found. They compared their shape, colour, texture, and pattern and communicated their ideas.

img_3622 img_3635-1 img_3646 img_3652 img_3654 img_3669 img_3694

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