During our afternoon break, students are able to engage in a variety of activities. Lately, drawing with friends has been a popular choice. Exploring new apps on the Ipad is also a favorite (see students in background of first picture).



During our Change is All Around Us Unit, Mr. Medina and Mrs. Fossgreen came to visit grade 2 classes. They shared information about Cuba and Bolivia. Mr. Medina shared information about how Cuba changed over time while Mrs. Fossgreen shared how she changed as a person while living in Bolivia.

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Learning Journeys were a great success. We were delighted to have so many parents come to celebrate their child's learning and to engage in some of the activities they do at school.  In the event that you were not able to come, please send a note to Ms. Roxanne or Ms. Thy and we will send your child's portfolio home for you to enjoy with your child. DSC03996DSC03998DSC03995DSC04000IMG_1236DSC040221u6FVDSC04023oXUurDSC04024DSC04004DSC04003

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