On Friday,September, the eighth 2017.Instead of bringing home food to school,I got money to buy my lunch at the cafeteria because my mom wanted me to make healthy choice for my lunch at school.These were what I ordered:

-Spring roll noodles

-Grape fruit cup

Comparing to the food that I had ordered  at Crescent mall(chicken,Hong Kong sweet soup and milk tea with whipped cream) at  the middle of August,I feel happy because I know how to make a healthy choice by myself after lessons with ms.Laura.

Hopefully, mom will let me buy more lunches at school because now,I know how to choose the healthy food.

Circulatory system:

-Touching the pig's heart is the most interesting things because this is the first time that I touch the real heart.

Skeletal and muscular system:

-Looking for the chicken bones is the most interesting thing because I can cut the chicken with scissors.


Respiratory system:

-Cabon dioxide experiment is the most interesting thing because when I blow in, the liquid change to another different colors.

Digestive system:

-Experiment on waste is the most interesting thing because I can be parts of the digestive system. 

Nervous system:

-Feeling games is the most interesting thing because I have to squeeze the hand of the person next to me so we can finish a round as fast as we can.


I’ll write about Mrs.Fossgreen’s talk. Her talk is about ‘’Eating healthy food”. What I learned from her talk are:

We don’t let the advertisement on unhealthy food have impact on our own daily meals and we should eat more fruit and vegetable because they don’t make us sick.

       I think I will be really nervous when I’m talking on the stage. How can I overcome stage fright?