Hello there me and my book club group just read a book called Fig Pudding.The book is about a boy and his family . The boy's name is Clifford but he prefers Cliff so Cliff lives with a big family .He is the eldest child and he does not like being the eldest .He always has to do chores ,watch all his younger siblings .Here is a pic of the book 

My explorer is Jacques Cartier.

Me and Chihiro were the only group of 2 people but we finished the boat just fine.I learned that life on board that time was not so easy there was a limited amount of food and very little medical care on ship.Here is a photo of me Chihiro and the ship . And another photo of just the ship in its finished form FYI the one with me and Chihiro the ship was not completed. 

Frindle is a book I suppose some of you people out there have read it.It is a good book to read it is about a boy who invented a new word for a pen.And its about how boy decided to use his creativity as he is getting older .Well that is all I can tell you people you will have to read the book yourself to find out more . I would give it four stars  

Hi ! My name is Rania. I am 9 years old and i am from Pakistan .

My favourite animal is cat and i love all types of cats -tigers ,lions it goes on and on .When i was small, i moved with my mom and dad from Pakistan to Bangkok,Thailand. I went to a Thai kindergarten and i learned how to speak Thai .When kindergarten was over, i continued at another school which was way bigger. I started in grade 1 and stayed in the school until half of the 2nd semester in 4 grade. It was sad leaving my friends and my awesome teachers .Then we moved to Vietnam and i am going to an amazing school called Saigon South International School (SSIS) . I have a small sister and her name is Mishaal. She might be joining SSIS in August .When i grow up i want to be a singer or even a vet because i love animals. My favourite food is pizza and frozen yogurt.

so world thats all you need to learn about me