Pe- Archery


What did we do in archery? In archery, we learned how we stand and the right way to use the bow.

What is Targeting? Targeting is when you try to hit the middle of the target at different distances.

How do we stand? We stand with our back facing the left wall, our left foot closest to the target facing the right wall and our right foot facing the wall behind our left foot.

How do we hold the string? We hold the string with our right hand facing the target and drag it back to our cheek, with our elbow facing up.

What is grouping in archery? Grouping in archery is the placement of multiple shots on a target.

When I watch the video of myself somethings I notice I am doing wrong is my feet are not facing the right wall and the bottom of my bow should be facing right down.


Some things I could improve on that this video shows is to stand with both of my feet facing the blue wall to the right. I should have the top of my bow facing straight upwards to the roof.

Gummy Bear Government

What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit?

Before we started this unit this I though the government is they who makes the rules about what is illegal and what is legal and makes the chances.

Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

It is important to learn about forms of government because when we’re adults we understand how government works with voting and what would happen if there was no government.

Which form of government do you think works best & why?

Democracy works best as a government because democracy makes it fair because it is power to the people when everyone gets to vote and say their opinion.

Gummy Bear Tyranny

Gummy bear Oligarchy

Gummy bear Democracy

Gummy bear Monarchy

Poster Annotation


3 main design points i have noticed are

  1. it is important to use colors in your ad because people can pay attention to your ad easier and faster.
  2. Your companies name, what you’re making or your slogan should be written big because this helps people recognize your ad when its written big.
  3. Use different colors so that it wont be boring.
  4. Its not always important to make your ad the same size as everyone else, so I think the size should be different to make it more unique.

Eat Fresh – Subway

On Subways advertising, Eat fresh is right next to Subway, so when people see Eat Fresh they know that it is Subway that have fresh food. Subway choose Eat Fresh because it represent their sandwiches with salad, tomato, and other vegetables. Eat fresh also represent clean food. Clean food is like salad. When we look at their slogan we think of Subway’s food as healthy food because it says eat fresh. At their poster they choose to write Eat Fresh in  a green color this makes a great effect on people that want to eat healthy and green and people want to buy their sandwiches.

The Great and the terrible Wizard

This week our Lit.Circle was good because my teammates asked question that got us all think. As a result of our discussion, I realized that it was some sentences that I didn’t think was important but they actually had an important meaning.  I will try contribute more on our online discussion before our next,.

social studies minecraft


After doing this project three ways i’ve learned is

1.I’ve learned how it actually looked like when I had to make this.

2. I learned what vegetation Ancient Egypt lived with.

3. I learned more when I had to find out what to say in this video because I had to make sure the information is correct.

I’m most proud of how I edited this video and how I made the Nile River and The Mediterranean sea. I would like to talk more about the herders if I could do this one more time.

Language Arts homework

I used more than one hour on the planning for the vlog. Before I started the planning I read the vlog rubric and made my vlog out of that.

I think my vlog would be better if I had used more quotes to support my opinions.

Done by Elise