For my sculpture I think the easiest part to make is the venus fly traps because you only need wire and paper mache for this plant. The challenges I might face is the vines might take a while to construct with all the materials it needs. My ideas are that I create a carnivorous plant garden with alot of plants that eat insects or lizards. I believe that we take multiple tries of ideas rather than once is because that we can take many ideas and compare or combine these designs to make the final. I like this project since I like sculpting rather than drawing, and making my ideas become reality. I am thinking that I would make a plant garden with carnivorous plants.

Youtube for 30 hands ( I couldn't post on the blog)

(Four videos are in one).

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to the risk of talking to strangers. Teens may also share information online with other people they don’t know of   For example, they could share private files like addresses, real name, family members and reveal it to public meeting up with strangers    As a result, they could get kidnapped or their valuables would be taken away    In conclusion, parents should demonstrate how not to get into stuff like this.