Hi! I'm gonna tell you how I enjoy my last weekend. Let's get started, shall we?     First my dad thought about  Our family planned to go to Phan Thiet. Then we plan that we'll go on Friday and go back on Sunday. It's fun to give ideas. My dad's whole company go too so we gotta book a tour. I think the tour is fun, exciting but I think that we should go a bit later because I don't want to skip the last 2 or 3 hours.

Hi everyone. This grade 5 year is awesome being with miss Carnahan and 19 classmates. This is also my first year at SSIS.Things are much fun than in my old school. I enjoyed so much here, there are so much things to see and learn.

So....Welcome to my blog! You can find some informations about my projects and stuffs that I learned in SISS.I will post them on my blog so you could have a look and hopefully you will find those info useful and necessary for school. Thanks for checking this post out. I'll see you later.If there's any question about school, leave it in the comment.Stay safe on the internet!