Medieval Europe

The Black Death, disease that many people suffered and died, collapsed the social system in the Middle Ages. People came up with ideas what had caused such nightmare. Some people might think only poor people suffered, however, actually even the King and those who helps him suffered also. After it became the biggest issue in the society, people had to think of what is causing it. The most common idea that people thought was the God’s punishment. Middle ages people really believed in Gods and even visited the church every single day. However, some people treated the church badly, therefore people thought the God got mad. On the other hand, those who did not believe in God thought that pollution, bad air, was causing the bacterias to spread. Ancient London was a filthy city where it was filled with human wastes. In order to solve the phenomenon, people also had to think of a way to cure, but none of them actually worked. Consequently, while people are suffering and dying, doctors and scholars had to find out a reason and ways to cure. However, since people had different ideas and thoughts, they struggled to discover the truth of this disease.

This is my best summary for the Medieval Europe.


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Water Filter Reflection


Our project is to help people in Central-Viet Nam to supply clean water that they can get from dirty water. We tested with different kind of dirty water.

This is my water filtration machine. It works by first, filtering the water and pouring it to the pot. Then, boil it to remove viruses. It will require fire that people can easily get in that tribes.

The hard part in this project was that we are only allowed to use things that people can get in middle of the forest. However, as we tested different objects, we finally found the appropriate things to use.

Procedure of my Investigation:

  1. Decided on prototype
  2. How are we gonna use it
  3. Collect items we need
  4. Plan what to do in the laboratory
  5. Test the experiment
  6. Find out the result
  7. If any problems, find a solution

We repeated this over and over to invent a best instrument as possible. Changes we had to make in this design was that we had to put more holes in a cover so it won’t explode. This is because the first time we tested our experiment had an accident where it exploded.In order to solve this, we had to put more holes in it which lets more air to wraparound.

Digital Poem


I think have done this pretty well, spoken dramatically, and chosen appropriate pictures that suits with what I’m saying. Also, I added some colors to the fonts so it makes the word itself detailed. As you watch it, you might realize that the picture is following the rhythm of the music. Therefore, please go ahead and watch it! Different people might feel it in a different way since it is about nature!

DBQ essay

1   Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world?


Excerpt #1 Given the evidence, it is logical that parables were more effective at spreading Christianity because parables were easier to remember than speech, also Jesus’s parables had morals that appealed to people.
Excerpt #2  Therefore, It is obvious that most of the poor people who suffer from the horrible life, will prefer the christianity where all of the people are treated equally.

Here is my DBQ outline

Here is my FINAL draft



The biggest takeaway from our Study of Origins and Spread of Christianity is that Christianity had spread successfully owing to the fact that every single person did what they could for this religion. It might seem that it was easy. However, they sometimes struggled to achieve their goal. Therefore, it is apparent that people were brave and never gave up.

3  VISUALIZING TEXT -sketch noting

↪How did sketch noting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

Sketch noting helped me when I was trying to memorize the keywords in social studies. It is important to remember key concepts in order to be a knowledgeable historian. When I was struggling, sketch noting assisted in making the content easier to remember.  

↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

I learned that even if I am not as skilled at drawing, it doesn’t matter because the reason why we are sketch noting is to analyze and identify the big ideas, relevant details and make visual connections. In addition, I discovered that sketch noting only requires five elements–the circle, square, triangle, dot and the line. Therefore, sketch noting is a simple and effective way for studying.


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?

I sometimes found it difficult to explain what I did in the projects. For example, imagine if you wrote detailed information in your sketch notes, but your video must not be longer than four minutes. I realized, however, that I could explain my understandings in short sentences.

This is my Evidence and Analysis


↪ What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?

My biggest goal in social studies is to be able explain all the historical events in a detailed way. In order to achieve, I will need to focus more on listening to what the teacher says. For example, I will need to improve on my sketch noting skills, answer questions frequently, and review what I have learned that day.

Poetry Reflection

What did I learn about poetry?

I have learned that poetry can be anything. It could describe a moment, narrow the focus and memories.

Do you consider yourself a poet?

I think I’m still not a mastered poet since my poem can be sometimes unclear. In order to master poems, I will need to use more descriptive words.

Do you think you will continue writing poetry?

I hope I can continue writing poetry to improve my skills.

How have you grown as a writer?

I think I have grown as a writer because I had many failures. I think failure teaches success which means that I am still growing to be a great poet.


My Characters

These are the characters that represents myself:

Donald Duck 

images-1Nagisa Shiota



Donald Duck: This is because Donald Duck is sometimes weird, like making a carless mistakes a lot. Well, I also do that. Sometimes, I make weird mistakes such as spelling “that” as “than”.

Nagisa Shiota: Some of you might not know this character but this is from “Assassination Classroom”. The fact that her mother is super scary, I thought he might be similar to me. In addition to this, he is short and always get little bullied because of his height. As you know, I’m also kind of short whereas everyone else in not.

BB-8: It is weird comparing to the robot, but the fact that he is small and follows people, I think it is the same. People sometimes use me as a slave, in a nice way, like always using my pen, drinking water bottle and more.