Book Clubs!!! ✐

I just did my 3 book club meetings and read the book Frindle written by Andrew Clements. I would like to tell you a brief summary of the book. So this is about a boy that is trouble and makes a new word and gets in trouble. I would recommend someone that likes fun books and  This is an awesome book and I think I will give it 4/5 stars, because it was fun but some places were a little boring. But this book gets a thumbs up! BYE!  This is the book!

– Tayla


It’s finally here the VIABLE VN show and I am so nervous but at least I won’t say anything except for the MC script. I think I can do it without passing out but I’ll see. Anyways I think my parents will be proud.  So I am still nervous but I guess this is it! I really hope I don’t mess up! 

Yummy Math 🍪🍪

Hi guys 🤗,

    Yesterday I had the most fun math in the world! But the problem was we had to make the recipe not for 3 people but for 6 people. We had to do the math so for example this is how I solved it.  I had 1/8 cup of butter * 2/2 = 1*2 / 8*2 = 2/8 and then split that in 2. In the real world this can help by if you need more cookies. Or if you need to divide the cake in half. But the fun part was we got to make cookies! We had a fun time putting the butter and the and the sugar in. We took turns on the jobs there were 4 jobs. 1. Getter ( person that gets the ingredients) 2. Mixer 3. Director 4. Photographer. I liked how we could see the cool texture of the cookie dough.  Here are some pictures! 

Super Fans

Hello everyone,

I am most proud of me and my group because Alex could fix thee coding and Chihiro and I did a great job with designing the house! There also were some problems like…

“Oh no humming bird isn’t working”


” Ow! the hot glue gun burned me!”

But I have to say It was worth it. 🙂 Anyways check out this video of our prototype!