Our explorer project!

During the few weeks, we chose an explorer and worked on him/her in a pair, a three and a quad. My groups explorer was Jeanne baret or also known as Jean bare, the first woman to circumnavigate the world. She was born in France July 27th 1470. She started to explore from France on a boat. The boat that Jeanne baret sailed on is called the ‘étoile’. She passed away on August 5th, 1807.

This is our boat model of the étoile!


My first film festival!

All the grade 4 had work really hard to be ready for the awesome film festival. We had to research, find interesting facts, interview experts about your topic and a lot more. It was challenging to write scripts and find good pictures but it was still a lot of fun. At the time of the film festival all the grade 4 students went to the back stage and lined up in order getting ready for the red carpet festival. Everyone was dressed fancy and pretty getting ready. After the red carpet festival we watched the documentaries, It was awesome! During the intermission we got to taste vietnamese food and it was also very delicious! It was an fantastic evening!


My amazing book review!

The book me and my book club read was called ‘Jeremy Fink and The meaning of Life’. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 because in my opinion even though the book was fun and mysterious it wasn’t really catchy or really that interesting to me.

So the book was mostly about a boy named Jeremy Fink who was turning thirteen this year found a box that had letters curved written ‘The meaning of life and for Jeremy Fink to open on his thirteenth birthday.’ which was from his father but his father passed away. The box had 4 keyholes but Jeremy and His best friend Lizzy found out that the keeper of the box, Jeremy’s fathers friend, lost the key, they decided to go on a mystery adventure to find out where the key is so that Jeremy would be able to open the box on his thirteenth birthday. And the book continues with a mysterious adventure with Lizzy and Jeremy Fink! 

I recommend this book to third graders to fifth graders because I think this book will be hard for second graders and it would be too easy for the sixth graders.

This is the book cover of the book we read!


The field trip with an artist Tracy lee!

It was a really lucky experience to be able to go to a field trip with the eco-artist Tracy Lee. We went to the Crescent Mall bridge to start and got  into 3 groups. One of the groups went to sketch first, the second group got to write poems about nature and the last group got to dip a long fabric to the river with Tracy Lee.  We rotated 1 time and then ate home lunch.  Then we rotated the rest of the time so everyone could do three things.We also learned a word that is Sustainability. Sustainability is having habits that restore our environment. It was an amazing experiment.



Our field trip to the museums!

We went to the museums to learn about our topic Viable Vietnam. The first museum we went was the Vietnamese traditional medical museum. We saw lots of different types of medicines that Vietnamese people used a long time ago.We also saw A herb doctors tree which was really interesting. The next museum we went was the Vietnamese ao dai museum. We saw a lot of different types of ao dai’s. There were also ao dai’s that were mixed with 2 countries. For example Vietnamese ao dai with american traditional clothes design mixed together.




Our amazing field trip.

Today we went on a fabulous field trip. We did a lot of different things which were really fun and interesting. The first thing we did was to watch a water puppet show. It was absolutely amazing. There was a lot of different characters that could do different things. Then we went to the park to have a rest and eat our snack. We also had to interview someone and ask them about Vietnam. Interviewing was harder than I thought because some people didn’t want to interview. And the last thing we did was to eat our lunch.we went to a place called Ben thanh. we went to eat in a place called Ben thanh street food. There were a lot of different food from different countries but we were only aloud to eat vietnamese food but the food was still delicious.


Our amazing prototype (THE C.P.L)

In the unit thinking outside the box, we have been doing a lot of things and one of them are making prototypes in groups. While we were making prototypes there were many difficulties and frustration  because our prototype sometimes broke and sometimes the hummingbird didn’t connect. But we also got to do teamwork and use different tools in the maker space. Our prototype was a lamp. It had 2 distance sensors that if it senses you, the light will come up. It was really creative. Our prototype name is THE C.P.L short for the creative pink lamp.

Me in the left, Dan bee in the middle and Davina in the right

Vietnamese, Is it fun??????

This year in Vietnamese, we did lots of activities that are really fun. We also learned a lot of things that are interesting about Vietnamese, how to write in Vietnamese and to say the words correctly. Throughout the year, Vietnamese was really fun for me. But the most challenging thing was writing in Vietnamese because we had to remember the tones.  The link below is about moon festival. I used VNI to type this link and it was really challenging.

Têt trung thu

Wonderful technology field trip to RMIT!

In the first semester at grade 4, we went to a field trip to RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). It was a great field trip. We learned a lot of technology things like, How to make a battery or how does robots work. We had a chance to play with the robots, one of them was called Baxter a human formed helping robot. It was a great to be invited and learn about lot  Technology things we didn’t know about. I really enjoyed the part about robots. I really thank RMIT for hosting me.