My Slogan is 'Buy the Bags, Feel the nature'. I chose to have this slogan as our product because it makes a feeling(because the bags are made out of eco-friendly materials)(also it makes a feeling that you are the hero of saving the environment) where you buy bags from the Dragon's Apprentice shop.The characteristics, qualities is an important thing in a slogan. One of the characteristics is that my product is eco-friendly. It is made out of reused t-shirts to shopping bags or tote bags. So my slogan has something to do with eco-friendly. One of the qualities is my product involves with respecting the environment.Our product is Ecofriendly and nice please buy them!!!!!!šŸ˜†


Monarchy!!!!! when a king or a queen rules.
Oligarchy!!!! Is a form of government that rules by a group of people(mostly aristocrats)
Tyranny Is a type of government where 1 person rules who isn't awful.

What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit? Ā  Things I knew about these forms of Government Before Ā we started this unit were:

  • I knew that forms of government changed over time
  • I knew there were 4 types of governments
  • I knew that poor(s) were seeing the difference of the oligarchs about poor having hard times than oligarchs

Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

I think it is important to learn about forms of government because to become informed voters, to understand their rights and to know their responsibilities under the law.

Which form of government do you think works best & why?

I think Democracy works best because every citizen including poor(s) can vote on every issue also they can elect their leaders which is different from other governments.



Mummified fruits and vegetables(YUCK!!!!!!)


In Social Studies, we got to mummify different vegetables and fruits which are apples, cucumbers, and tomatoes.We took out the seeds and scrubbed out the inside of fruits and vegetables after that we covered them with a mixture of salt and baking soda. After that, We covered them with toilet papers(which looks like a real mummy) and then we put them in a baggie which will be the tomb.But actually..... when we opened the bag after ten days...... It smelled really really bad which made me almost vomit also the smelliest and the most rotten fruit or vegetable was APPLE!!!!!!(One of my favorite fruits....)

My top 3 favorite learning was first the MinecraftĀ project, mummifying fruits(which is this one),and theĀ review game. One of my favorite learning was the MinecraftĀ project because I had fun making my Minecraft world.The project let me think what should be here and made me more curious about the NileĀ river and the plant papyrus which made me search up more information about it. Mummifying fruits were also fun because we got to make the mummies with fruits which made me also think what might the embalmers think about making mummies.The most important activity of these three favorite learning was the review game because it helped me do well on the test and it was really fun(I really enjoyedĀ it)

This project helped me to understand how the reeds and the papyruses were used by ancient Egyptians because i have never ever have thought that the reeds were good for making hut roofs and baskets and I also never thought about papyruses can actually used for making ropes and paper.Making me make this video was taking a lot of time but it was very fun and exciting for me also I had to do some research to add on to the nile river so i have learnt some more things about the nile river.

the 2 parts of the project that I am proud of was that I think my world was pretty nice and I think my voice was also loud enough that everyone can hear it. I would do it differently by recording the sound that i only need.



I have now finished my Vlog about the City of Ember and my book which is called 'The city of Ember' was wrote by Jeanne Duprau. I loved this book because it was very interesting and adventurous so for my book I have made a vlog which I am today going to reflect on the video that I've made.Ā 

My vlog had not have lots of stumbles and i also didn't show notes during my presentation.To do better next time I think I should add more quotes to my theme and my conflict.I think there were lots of things that I have missed so i think I should check my work two more times and then submit because there will be lots of mistakes if I just submit the work straight after I am done.

I think when I describe characters I could have added quotes and add more descriptions to the protagonists.Ā