In 5th grande for Super Unit I am doing a 20 hours challenge. 20 hours challenge is basically a challenge where you have to practice something for 20 hours. It takes 10,000 of practice to mastered something. 20 hours of practicing some you can be good at it and know how to do it.  My 20 hour challenge project is Playing the Recorder.

This is my sixth week of practicing playing the recorder. In this week I have achieve playing 4 songs. I'm most proud of being able to play Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was also very happy when I played note C right.

I had a lot of challenges this week. One of my biggest challenge is playing note C and playing Over the Rainbow. Playing note C was very difficult because there are so many holes to cover and my picky is very weak. So what I did was turn the recorder hole to fit my finger and it worked. Over the Rainbow was really  hard because it goes really fast. Over the Rainbow has note C and I have to change from notes to note and it was really hard. But I'm getting use to it.

My biggest goal is to play a pot song ( lava ). I really want to play lava because I think that song is very good and if I can play that song my mom will be very proud. But lava has a weird note that I haven't learned. I hope in the future I will be able to play Lava.



So fall In fif grade we are learning the different between expression and equation. 

An expression is math problem with no equal sign and an equation is a math problem with the equal sign and the answer. Learning about expression and equation is important because...

I think learning about expression and equation is important because if you were buying and the shop manager was wrong and you don't know the answer than maybe you will get the wrong price and pay more than you should. 

If your friend ask you what a equation and a expression and you don't know it might be embarrassing.

If you were in high school and the teacher called you up to explain expression and equation and you can't people might laugh at you. 

That why I think learning about expression and equation are important for everyone. 

In the past few weeks of school, I been learning about the Design Cycle. In the Design Cycle there are 5 stages, Imagine, Plan, Design, Create and Evaluate, Over the weekend I drew a 3D picture.

First I imagine what it would look like and I decided to draw 3D stairs with a window next to it and behind the window is a ghost and a goo monster.

After that, I plan what things I need for my picture. The things I need were: crayons, a pencil, a paper and a ruler. 

Next, I design I put my crayons, pencils, paper and ruler in fount of me and I try to design and predict what it would look like.

Then, I started creating my picture. I gather all my tools and I drew my picture with my ruler and my pencil then I color it with crayons.

Finally I evaluate about what I did wrong and I think about what I could do better next time and improve

I think the Design Cycle help me a lot and using that method help me a lot. I also think that Design Cycle is gonna help me lot in my adventure through life.