Medieval Europe – Black Death

Black Death or Plague was contagious disease at Medieval ages that killed millions of people, killing between 25 and 45 percent of the population.

Plague caused severe economic problems in medieval Europe. Due to plague, many people died, which means many farmers, craftworkers, and workers are gone. Therefore, fewer products were available to buy and there were food shortages. Plus, it was really hard to hire workers. Then, of course, price for everything rise and demand for workers also rise. Wage finally increased and raised the standard of living for many who have survived.

Black death spread due to the merchant boats and caused by bacteria inside the flea from the small animals like rat. Basically the bacteria that caused black death were called ‘Yersinia Pestis’. During medieval ages, trade was active and there were many merchant boats carrying people and products. Actually first start was Mongol, then spread to whole Europe with the merchant boat. In few years spread to Spain, Germany, England, Scandinavia, Russia, Greenland. It also killed many Muslims in North Africa.

Black death caused people in Medieval Europe severely. First, people thought that black death is punishment for wicked from the god. Therefore, they became much more religious, believed and prayed to the god. Next, there were medical development to modern one because people that time tried to cure the deadly disease, and found new ways to cure during the experiment.

Black death were deadly disease and caused negative effects a lot but also helped medieval Europe develop on medical technologies.


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Water Filtration Prototype 2 Reflection

photo-on-11-18-16-at-10-33-am<-Prototype 2

Prototype’s effectiveness
We think that our prototype is not really useful because the water did not come down at all from it.

What are the results of tests done?

We couldn’t even test because the water did not come out at all.

What do you need to do to improve your prototype?

We think the layers were so thick so we will make it thinner by taking off some cottons.


Water Filtration Prototype 1 Reflection

photo-on-11-18-16-at-9-46-am-2<-Prototype 1

Prototype’s effectiveness

We think that our prototype is not really useful because it did not even filtered all the sediments.

What are the results of tests done?

We have completed all contamination test: pH, turbidity, copper, salt and the results were not really good. The water clolor was kind of yellow and there were little bit of salt. Also, the pH was 2, and the copper were 600ppH. (Normal pH is 7 and copper amount is 0.01 ppH.

What do you need to do to improve your prototype?

We decided to put some cottons between each stage of the things.


Digital Poem Reflection

I converted my conflict poem, ‘Cookie War’ into video, and I faced some challenges while I’m making it. I tried to find picture I want but the picture was restricted to Creative Commons so I could not find some enough picture for some scenes. Also, It was hard to express all my poems with just a picture. I think I did really well on my voice record. I differed my voice according to the part’s emotion or situation.  Finally, background music made my video more interesting. If I do this again, I might make it longer with better poem, and I want to film myself acting this and want to put that instead of putting some pictures from internet. I would recommend other people who do this in future to select their poem wisely (poem should be long enough, topic should be really clear.

DBQ Essay Blog Post


1   Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world?


  • Copy & paste from your reflection

Excerpt #1

One reason why Christianity spread is because of the way Christians achieved peace. Christian way of achieving peace was contrast with Roman way of achieving peace. Basically, in The Path to Peace, , Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan are saying that Roman ideology and Christianity’s ideology was really different. Roman ideology was that violence, leads to victory and then they could gain peace. On the other hand, Christianity believed they can gain peace by non-violent ways and through justice.

Excerpt #2

People believed that they can get happy life and they can be happy after death. In document B (Immortality), historian ‘Helmut Koester’ is mainly argues that ancient people believed immortality that there’s future life and if they believe Christianity, they believed that they will be free from sickness, diseases, and poverty. They also believed that they can get individual isolation. Ancient people really wanted future for the individual. I think Christianity spread because people wanted their future life to be happy.

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2. Biggest takeaway


My biggest takeaway is why Christianity spread. There’s many reason why people started believe Christianity. Some people believed Christianity because they wanted to get peace in non-violent way since Roman thought that they can get peace by violent way. Some people believed Christianity because of their belief that they can get happy life without disease, pain, or poverty. They also believed that they are image of god. Some people believed Christianity because they wanted to have good neighbors and they wanted to take cared by good. Other factor is Paul’s preach. Paul sent letters or he preached to people who are non-Christians, and they started believing Christianity.

3. Visualising Text – Sketchnoting

  • How did sketchnoting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

While sketchnoting, I recalled and I thought again what I learned and it helped understand and memorize the concept. Drawings and some text boxes helped me recognize the key points of the story.

  • What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

I think it will be useful a lot if I sketchnote, and might help a lot on studying if I use it on other subjects. I really like Sketchnote:)

4. Explain Everything & VLOGGING As a Metacognitive Stratagies

  • What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?

I discovered that it is really hard to explain something and if I record myself explaining, my speaking speed becomes really fast, and I sometimes make mistakes. However, when we actually do it, I never forget what I spoke. I think that it is really good way to recall what I learned and it is really helpful improving my speaking skill.

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Evidence & Analysis Video

Reflection Video

DBQ Final Essay Video

5. Goal Setting

  • What is one of your GOALS for social studies class?

My goals for social studies are to keep sketchnote what I learned, and I want put all the things I learned in my head, and I don’t want to forget. I want to understand every concept.

Writing Poem Refelection

Before I start this unit, I didn’t know that I have to use some figurative languages and I didn’t even know what they are. Plus I didn’t know that poem’s factor like stanzas, blank space, white space, etc. However, after learning this unit, and writing my own poem, I learned all poem’s factors and what makes a poem a poem. I don’t think myself a poet because I think I still have to improve more on a poem, but if I write more poems, and experience writing a poem a lot, I think I can be a poet. I will keep writing the poem for my hobby, because it makes me think, and it improves my writing. Plus writing poem is quite fun. My experience on poetry was really fun and helpful, and it boosted my interest on writing the poems. Obviously, I have grown up as a writer. I learned how to use figurative languages, and I will use them in my other writing too.

My Final Piece


I got accessed on how I used 4 techniques: Tone, Overlapping Shapes, Line Variation, and contrast/focal point in my out of the frame artwork. I learnt how to use those techniques well in my artwork. Before I did this artwork, I didn’t even know that there are techniques, and how to use, but now I know, so I think I will keep using this useful techniques in my other artworks too.